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An Interview With the Author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine

An Interview With the Author of The Doomsday Book of Medicine

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 While the American medical system is incredible it has taken some hits over the last 10 years. From costly insurance premiums for doctors to the affect of Obamacare and the desire to have free healthcare the system is going to change.

Whether its for the better or it becomes too cumbersome is yet to be seen.

What we do know is that its time to take the responsibility of healing into our own hands. We need to work more on preventative health and medicine, and these are free. We do not need to see a doctor to take care of our bodies and practice good nutrition.

In this interview you are going to meet Ralph La Guardia. He is a physician who wrote The Doomsday Book of Medicine that is designed to help preppers but is really an encyclopedia of self-treatment.

If you are truly interested in building an effective medical supply, the final chapter is worth the whole price of the book!


The Doomsday Book of Medicine, Ralph, is quite an accomplishment. It is the future of medicine. What is the total page count?

Over 700 now.

That’s a phenomenal feat. How long did it take you put this thing together?

I spent 30 years researching it. Reading books on nutrition gardening, permaculture, alternative medicine. Even though I am a physician we have no training in alternative medicine unless we wanna do it ourselves.

I had interest in it in high school. I read Linus Pauling’s books. I went to medical school in Italy and there it was very hands on. They taught us how to how to diagnose with our hands and not use machines.

The Basics

You did something very interesting with the layout of this book. The Basics You Need to Know Chapters 1-5, I’m gonna go over them so the audience knows what we are talking about.

Chapter 1: Essential Health Practices

Chapter 2: Soil to Self the Key to Vigorous Good Health

Chapter 3: Vitamins and Your Nutrition

Chapter 4: Seed Oils and Their Numerous Health Benefits

Chapter 5: Fermentation and Fermented Foods

These 5 chapters let me know this was gonna be a good book. This Basics section appears almost like an appendix. You have chapters for the ear, the eye and various other ailments in section 3 but you made section 1 the first step rather than move this important information to the end.

IT all comes before you get hit in the head with the various injuries and illnesses and how to treat them. I was very impressed with that first section.

Well the reason I wrote the book, I am a life long prepper as well, Though that’s a new label. I was totally dissatisfied with the books out there. Most are basically elaborate first aid manuals.

They would say weird things like ‘stockpile your medications for diabetes and hypertension.’ Well, everyone knows you’d be lucky to get an extra week of your medicine let alone a stockpile.

If you look over and your loved ones are dying, what good is the food, water and ammo.

So, I started out by teaching everything you need to know about preventing disease. Disease is simply a failure of the immune system. That failure comes about through bad nutrition and missing trace elements.

This section is about all the things you need to do to stay healthy.

When I first got into this thing, I’m a guy who is heavy on fitness. When I first got into prepping the community was not into fitness.

I would get berated for talking fitness on the show.

When you wrapped up fitness into this care of the immune system it really impressed me. The idea is that we will exist on two hours of sleep and eat freeze dried foods at 300lbs in weight and none of it will affect us.

Venomous Bites

Things are gonna run out. Food and Medicine. So, in the book I teach people how to make their own.

From insect repellents to wound care. With each illness I tried to give 10 to 15 different ways to deal with it. We aren’t going to have Amazon to help us.

A poultice with activated charcoal can be used to bind to things like venom from a snake or spider bite.

There are not many options out there for things like that. I tried to give preppers options in this book.

You can almost tell when a guy is pedaling something. You are a guy who built a masterpiece. On the phone you told me that sometimes you are just going to die. It’s a wrap and your just not gonna survive it.

That showed me authenticity and integrity.

Get this book now and stop worrying about tomorrow.

I try to give practical advice. You have to designate a leader as a prepper group. Someone is going to have to make unpopular decisions. If someone has a stroke or massive heart attack, you cannot divert resources to that person.

I have sections in the book called Kiss Your Butt Goodbye.

In the field with limited resources you are not going to keep some people with certain conditions alive. You just have to be realistic.

Lots of books are misleading preppers on.

That made it so real to me. 99% of people would be afraid to mention the reality. They are trying to sell you answers. What you are doing is genuine with this book.

Gut Health

I also call it the future because you talk about things like the gut.

The number of bacteria in your guy outnumbers the number of cells in your body by a factor of 10 to 1. Most of your immune system is in your gut. It’s a real symbiosis and you have to give this good bacteria fiber.

I read a guy’s book on Vitamin D. That’s the kind of nerd I am. Not once did I read about the fact that you have to take fat with Vitamin D with a fatty meal. It won’t absorb it otherwise.

Get this Encyclopaedia of Self Medical Care

This book is really not just The Doomsday Book of Medicine but the future of Medicine.

I lost my personal physician to our brilliant socialized medical system. I found out he started a costly concierge system. That’s just the reality for the middle class person in this modern age.

This is just the encyclopedia of self-medical care. You can use it anywhere. For example, fever. Your body doesn’t waste anything. Bacteria survive, like us, at 98.6. We take Tylenol to get the fever down like fools. Only when a fever is dangerous do you really want to knock it down.

A fever will help you get better faster.

Where can we find this book Ralph?

You can buy the e version, but you should get the hard copy. Go to The Doomsday Book of Medicine website.


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