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My Prepper Essentials

My Prepper Essentials

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This is a list I started compiling of prepper gear I own or have used and recommend for various situations. I will be adding to this list as I go but most of these items are what I would consider prepper essentials that can save your butt.

Every Day Carry

Bug Out Bag

Prepping Books and Reference Material

Every Day Carry Items:

Depending on where I am headed and what I am wearing, I will carry one or more of these items daily.

Fenix170Fenix 170 Lumens Flashlight – Great for using on your keychain or as backup to a larger light.  width=Spyderco Tenacious – Great folder that you can carry with you almost anywhere. Leatherman Wave – Thousands of uses and small enough to always have on you.
  width=Leatherman Squirt – This is the Leatherman Wave’s smaller brother and I do mean smaller. This is on my key-chain and is for times when I can’t really wear my big Leatherman on my belt or throw it in a bag.   width=Bandana – No, they aren’t only for blowing your nose, they can be used as a bandage or to filter water to remove large particles.   width=Fenix PD22 – Another flashlight? Yes, this goes in my pocket and when I don’t have my keys, this is always with me. 512 Lumens!
  width=Casio Pathfinder – Great watch that includes several features that could aid in survival or at least make a trip into the woods better.   width=Lighter – You should have some way to make fire using something like this Zippo or even a regular Bic lighter.
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Bug Out Bag Items:

When you have to get out of dodge, there are some basic preparations you should already have packed and ready to go.

 width=Water Bottle: Stainless – You need a way to carry water in your Bug Out Bag, but you don’t have to go the stainless steel route. The benefit of this is that you can boil this canister over a fire if your water is suspect.  width=Water Bottle: Plastic – This is what I used to carry daily but still take this backpacking instead of the stainless. It is a pretty good bit lighter and quieter.  width=Nalgene 48-Ounce Bladder – This bladder is a great companion to your water filtration system by allowing you to fill an additional reservoir.
 width=Sawyer Mini Water Filter – It only weighs 2 ounces so if you are looking to lighten your backpack, this is the water filter for you. 100,000 gallon capacity.  width=ENO Rain Fly – Great lightweight option for shelter over your head. Instead of packing a tent, you can just string a rain fly between two trees.  width=Emergency Rations – There are a lot of options for bug out bag food, but these emergency rations stand up to years baking in the trunk of your car.
  width=ESS Recon 3 Sleeping Bag – Lightweight and fairly compact. These bags are rated down to 23 degrees.   width=Adventure Medical Kits Bivvy – Last ditch survival or a shelter in a pinch. This emergency bivvy is lightweight but could save you from exposure.   width=Mountain House Freeze Dried Chili Mac – No, they aren’t the healthiest option, but they are very filling, lightweight and only require hot water and a spoon. These are my go-to Backpacking meals for simplicity.
 width=Fire starter – Matches can get wet and lighters can run out of fuel. It will take a long time of making fires before this old style method doesn’t work. It is a great backup.  width=Jetboil Flash – There are lighter options out there, but this unit is simple and mostly self-contained. Perfect for quickly heating up water for coffee or Freeze dried food.  width=Gerber LMF II – Folders are great for around town, but if I am walking out the door never to come back, I want a serious knife. The Gerber LMF II is great and reasonably priced.
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Prepping Books and Reference Material

Survival Manuals – Great introduction to the concepts of survival.


Homesteading and Self-Reliance

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Natural Remedies/ First Aid

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Tactical Methods / Strategies / Security

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