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Mission and Values

Prepping: the final frontier. These are the articles of the Final Prepper Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore, find and share tested recipes, remedies and survival techniques, to seek out new ways to a thriving life and the shortest path to self sufficiency, after being tested by modern day heroes or by long forgotten civilisations, to boldly go where no prepper has gone before. It may take us some time, but it will save us a lot more.


If we were not clear already or you simply didn’t like the reference, let us state this again. Our mission and wish is to help you with your prepper’s journey to a healthier life, so that you’d be able to pay it forward.


And you don’t even have to be a prepper to constantly wonder about the What Ifs, about the road not taken. The What Ifs are the worst. Here, at FINAL PREPPER, we aim to answer each and every one of them. And because we believe prepping is sharing, here we are.