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There are many signs and symptoms of serious disaster. Natural or manmade disasters that affect large populations come together in many of the same ways.

We need only look at places like Syria and Venezuela to see the signs and symptoms. These nations are nearly on opposite sides of the world, but they are experiencing some very similar collapse symptoms.

One of the most alarming of all is when the doctors and nurses disappear. The medical establishment of an area takes huge hits the moment resources cannot be shipped in any longer.

What sort of position would you be in if the medical centers in your area began to implode?

Do you have any background in first aid or medical training?

Many of us do not and we need a serious resource to be there for us when everything else is gone. There is one prepper medical resource that is truly the master class. It’s called The Doomsday Book of Medicine.

Its 800+ pages of prevention, detection, natural remedies, nutrition and true medical response to a long list of injuries and ailments!

The Basics You Need to Know

The Doomsday Book of Medicine is separated into 5 sections. Each section is made up of several chapters and each chapter has a clear table of contents. The information density is such that it requires this kind of organization.

Navigating sections is also a breeze because of this layout.

The Basics You Need to Know is also the title of section one and offers up the most comprehensive look at preventative medicine that you are going to find in a volume of this type. This section focuses on the core elements that modern practitioners are just catching up with today.

You are going to see a focus on personal hygiene, nutrition, healthy foods from healthy soil and even eating fermented foods for gut health.

Some Essential Tools

This book hooked me in Section 2. When you read a title like essential tools you are expecting to see some OTC meds and things of that nature. You are going to find healing profiles on things like baking soda, honey, a variety of herbs, wood ash and activated charcoal, to name a few.

Doctor La Guardia explores health from a holistic point of view rather than the traditional “burn, cut and poison” methodology that many doctors are mocked for these days.

This section offers up real-life solutions for the average person. That’s where the power lies.

What’s Your Problem?

The third section of this book makes up half of its content and is a full discourse on various injuries and ailment stools and how to deal with them. You are often given several methods for dealing with a single ailment. You have options and that is important in austere environments.

Entire chapters on The Eye and The Ear put an emphasis on things that can happen to these body parts and how they would be drastically affected in a survival situation.

You also get great chapters on things like diabetes and wound care and hypertension.

Odds and Ends

Section 4 is a three chapter breakdown on a variety of medical supplies that people will want to have in a long term disaster. There is also a great conversation about Ebola and dealing with the frightening virus.

Section 4 also features an entire chapter on the importance and methods of sterilisation which is critical when you are living in a world that might be devoid of common antibiotics and full of ways to garner infection.

Your Survival Medicine Chest  

This incredible section is more of an appendix and a checklist than a chapter. Don’t let that fool you. It’s a well thought out and alphabetical breakdown of what you should include in your own survival medicine chest.

In this list you will find everything from tools to OTC meds and beyond. The list spans everything from A – Z and has an inclusion for each. If you are truly interested in building an effective medical supply this chapter is worth the whole price of the book!

The choice to store or not store certain items is completely up to you but you should review them all. These are not recommendations made by doomsday bloggers. Dr. La Guardia has taken his training and practice into account, as well as his own personal health, to create this list of items.


The Doomsday Book of Medicine is a massive resource that should be the cornerstone of your medical preparedness. It deserves a home in the library of anyone who has a mind for preparedness and wants to do more than cower in a disaster.

There are hidden gems all throughout this book. Here is a short list of what else hides within these 800+ pages.

  • Learn what is 8 times more affective at preventing flu than the flu vaccine
  • The Antioxidant that is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C
  • Learn about the amino acid that not only treats anxiety and depression but also eliminates cravings for drugs and alcohol.
  • The weed that is not only the perfect food for your body, but also can be used to produce biofuel for your vehicles
  • The common cleaning product that will not only control your arthritis but will also make your bones rock hard

In every serious disaster there are a few things that happen. Supply chain is disrupted, and medical supplies start to disappear. What will you do when the doctors are no longer around and someone in your home has an injury or illness?

Are you prepared to be the family physician?

With 800+ pages of medical information and your survival medicine chest, you will feel well more confident at what must be done.


Are you prepared to be the family physician?With 800+ pages of medical information and your survival medicine chest, you will feel well more confident at what must be done.