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7 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Learn “Contact Combat” aka Krav Maga

7 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Learn “Contact Combat” aka Krav Maga

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Are you concerned about the way innocent people are being denied guns, and other weapons of personal self-defense while terrorists and criminals run amok?  If so, then you may be interested in Krav Maga, a simple, effective fighting system used by Mossad the Israeli Defense Forces, and others.  If you are looking for key techniques to add to your survival stockpile, Krav Maga has a lot to offer.

Krav Maga is Designed for Self Defense

When Imi Lichtenfeld began developing Krav Maga, he needed something that would work against the fascists who were routinely attacking the Jewish sectors in Czechoslovakia.  Even though he was already a skilled wrestler and boxer, he went on combine elements of Judo and Aikido.   Unlike other martial arts systems that have become more focused on sporting, Krav Maga has remained true to its roots as a series of techniques designed for tactical street fighting and self-defense.

Self Defense Techniques That Can Never Be Outlawed

No matter where you go in the world today, gun control and gun confiscation contribute to terrorism and the overall reduction in safety for innocent people.  Some countries also outlaw knives and are well on their way to outlawing self-defense any way they can.   Since many aspects of Krav Maga do not require weapons other than your own body and mind, it is difficult if not impossible to outlaw the techniques that you master.  That being said, if you are serious about self-defense and enhancing your ability to survive massive social unrest, now is the time to learn Krav Maga. Do not wait for books, videos, and other materials to be taken off the market.

Be Able to Use Just About Anything as a Weapon

Consider a situation where you were able to store away some guns and a good bit of ammo before a major crisis.  Within 5 – 10 years, there is every chance that your guns will be shot out beyond refurbishing and there is very little if any ammo left.  Regardless of the weapons you do or don’t have, personal self-defense against rioters, thugs, and terrorists may still be a major part of your life.


If you are serious about self-defense and enhancing your ability to survive massive social unrest, now is the time to learn Krav Maga.

Knowing Krav Maga gives you a chance to learn from world masters about how to improvise and use weapons to the best advantage.  This includes learning how others might try to disarm you, and how to overcome inherent weaknesses in any weapon that you might try to use.  Even if you only have a pen or a broom, you will learn how to make simple household items and junk into lethal weapons.

Learn How to Disarm any Kind of Attacker

Did you know that many people choose guns for self-defense because they believe they will become invincible?  Are you aware these very same people may overlook knives or other weapons that might be more effective in close quarters because they are afraid of being disarmed?    Nevertheless, a gun is like any other weapon in the sense that it is far more effective in the hands of someone that understands is limitations as well as its advantages.  This includes understanding that every weapon has a weak point, and every carrier is at the mercy of those weaknesses.

When you know how to assess an attacker’s form in relation to the weapon they are using, it becomes much easier to spot the weak points and disarm them.  Krav Maga will teach you precise, but simple techniques that will give you the advantage in any situation.  For example, if you are faced with someone carrying a handgun, you will learn exactly how to approach them and take control of the gun in a matter of seconds.

Situation Awareness and De-escalation Tactics

These days, it seems like there is no shortage of people that see a threat around every corner and under every rock.  Let me be very clear and say “hyper vigilance and paranoia are not the same thing as situational awareness.”  Brandishing a weapon, screaming down the house, and getting into a fight are not “de-escalation tactics”.  You can learn how to handle every situation much better with Krav Maga.  Here are just a few examples:

  • If you must move through a strange area, learn how to do so in a way that projects confidence. Believe it or not, thugs, stalkers, rapists, muggers, and other criminals home in on certain body language signals sent by victims.   When you learn Krav Maga you will learn how to hold your body in an open, aware, alert pose that says you mean business.
  • Unlike many sources that provide information on how to de-escalate an armed shooter situation, talk down someone that is suicidal, or get away from a gang, the skills you will learn in Krav Maga will help you get out of most situations without needing to constantly avoid various locations (within reason), resort to threats, or wind up calling for help.  Typically, you will find that 90 – 95% of all situations that could turn into a nightmare scenario will go far more to your liking and advantage.  If they don’t, you will have more than enough offensive and defensive techniques to get you through the situation.


If you need to do something slowly and carefully, you will have the discipline to do so.

Teaches Vital Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why snake charmers never get bit, or why some people can approach a snarling dog and never be attacked?  While the psychologies of motivation and aggression can be very complicated, the rules for approaching dangerous situations are actually quite simple.  Krav Maga teaches you communications approaches that can help you buy time, change the direction of the encounter, or do whatever else you need to come out the winner.   Among other things, you will learn:

  • how to control your voice and use power words that convey clearly that you are not about to be a victim
  • How to control your breathing so that you remain calm, focused, and able to respond to the situation with the proper amount of force.  When you control your breathing, you also send a subtle signal that you are confident.  This can also throw off attackers and cause them to hesitate for a few seconds.
  • How to use your eyes and body language to slow down the opening of an attack sequence. Never forget that the person that throws the first punch is usually the winner, and these techniques can buy time, or create enough of a pause to prevent it.

Build a Healthy, Disciplined Outlook on Life

Have you ever been in the thick of rush hour traffic and suddenly realized that you needed to accelerate well beyond your normal comfort zone? Unfortunately, many drivers panic on the thruway because they are afraid of this kind of situation.  These are also the people most inclined to skid, make improper lane entries, and basically cause all kinds of disasters.  As with any other situation where your life may be in danger, only those with a high degree of discipline and self-control will get through it. Simply put, panic is truly your worst enemy in any kind of crisis.  From taking a shower in contaminated water during a hurricane, striking too fast or in the wrong way at an attacker, or making unsafe lane changes; panic can lead to a loss of your own life, or serious injury.

One of the most important things you will with Krav Maga is how to control your stress responses, and also how to keep panic at bay. No matter how bad the situation is, you will always be able to control your mind, emotions, and body so that you can make the best decisions and follow through on them. If you need to do something slowly and carefully, you will have the discipline to do so.  If you need to act quickly and forcefully, you will have the self-control and discipline to find the right time and follow through fully.

Remember that prepping is not just about amassing a stockpile of food, learning to shoot a gun, or figuring out how to live off the land.  Prepping is a way of life that spans every aspect of the individual and his/her interactions with others.  Your emotional, mental, physical, and social balance will all contribute to how well you do before, during, and after a major crisis.  Krav Maga offers a complete system that you can use as a guide and as a reliable source of support no matter what happens to this nation and world.

According to Imi Lichtenfeld, “People respect power, and it comes in many forms.  Krav Maga is power, and people will respect you for knowing it.”  Insofar as your prepping skills development, what have you done to cultivate personal power?  Have you tried Krav Maga or some other system that helps you develop levels of strategy and approach to diverse situations? If so, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.


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