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Hemp seed and hemp oil have been called the perfect food for humanity. The reason for this is that hemp oil contains all the essential fatty acids and essential amino acids your body needs. You remember essential means that they cannot be manufactured by your body and therefore are essential to get in your diet to maintain good health and functioning of your body.

In the case of hemp oil it has them all, all the fats and all twenty of the amino acids your body needs to make proteins of all types.

Hemp oil contains the perfect balance of fatty acids, with a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and is the only seed that contains this perfect balance. Fish oil also contains many essential fatty acids but frequently is contaminated with mercury and other toxins that have polluted the world’s oceans, unless you get a pharmaceutical grade fish oil such as Lovaza or Vascepa, both of which are only available by prescription.

Hemp oil also contains a very rare protein called globule edestins that is very similar to the globulin protein found in human blood plasma, which is known to help digestion. Hemp oil also contains albumin, which is the same protein found in egg whites.

The proteins in hemp are more easily digested than meat, eggs, cheeses, milk, or just about any other protein source, including soy. Hemp seeds and oil also contain GLA or gamma linolenic acid, which is very rare, and helps with breast pain and skin problems like eczema.

In fact, hemp seeds are the most nutritious seeds in the world.

In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, hemp seeds also contain vitamins such as vitamins D and E, enzymes, and a relative lack of sugars, starches, and saturated fats, and has the highest content of unsaturated (the good ones) fatty acids found in the entire plant kingdom. For this reason many people consider hemp seeds and hemp oil to be an ideal food for your body or a Super Food by some nutritionists.


In the United States hemp oil cannot be processed unless the seed is killed with high temperatures. The problem with that is that high temperatures destroy the essential fatty acids by changing their composition and accelerating the destruction of the beneficial properties of hemp oil. For that reason you should look for cold-pressed oil which will by necessity have to come from outside the United States.

This is also the reason why Canada produces most of the cold-pressed hemp oil consumed in the Unites States.

By the way

  • The heat destruction of the essential fatty acids in hemp and other seed oils is the reason you should not use them for frying.
  • Also seed oils will become rancid if left exposed and not refrigerated, so always store them in your refrigerator to vastly increase their shelf life.
  • When you buy any seed oils always look for cold-pressed, which produces the highest quality oils while retaining most of their beneficial qualities. What health benefits are associated with the use of Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil has many health-enhancing qualities due to the many healthy substances it contains.

As I said earlier, the most important of the healthy substances contained in hemp oil are the essential fatty acids. Many people are confused by the health benefits of fats and think all fats are unhealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Without essential fatty acids life would be impossible. Your body needs fats to produce many of its structures, including most notably your brain, as well as other important substances like prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are a group of hormone-like lipid (fat) compounds that are made from the action of enzymes on essential fatty acids.

Now that I have made your eyes glassy and have you yawning with that explanation, allow me to explain why prostaglandins are so very important for your health.

  • Prostaglandins are produced by every cell in the body except red blood cells, which speaks volumes about their importance.
  • They control inflammation, blood pressure, platelet aggregation, mediate pain in the spinal nerves, control fever, regulate kidney function, regulate intraocular (inside your eyeball) pressure, control labor, cell growth regulation, and acid secretion by the stomach.

So, if you have a lack of essential fatty acids which are needed to make prostaglandins, you will naturally have low levels of them and will lack their positive effects in your body and consequently suffer with a large number of conditions. at is why hemp oil has been reported to have so many different positive effects such as:

  1. Significantly decrease inflammation in joints and muscles, thereby helping arthritis, muscle aches, fibromyalgia.Lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.
  2. Prevent platelet aggregation, which prevents clot formation and thereby strokes and heart attacks.
  3. Helps control pain.Control fevers.
  4. Help glaucoma.
  5. Help labor pain.
  6. Helps asthma by relaxation of airways.
  7. Improve circulation by relaxing the blood vessels and allowing greater blood flow.
  8. Improving immunity and thereby helping reduce infections of all types as well as cancer.
  9. Helping with skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  10. GI problems like ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal cramping, and constipation.


Hemp oil is best taken without heating it, such as added to salads or other vegetables as a condiment. It can be added to vinegar, replacing olive oil and making a wonderful salad dressing that is quite tasty.

It has a nutty flavor and can be taken orally without mixing it in anything, or can be added to organic yogurt or to any food you might prefer. Depending on the severity of your medical issues, you can take up to five tablespoons a day, but I would normally recommend taking two tablespoons a day for general health maintenance. If you are eating the shelled hemp seeds, you need to take about four heaping teaspoons daily.

Hemp oil can also be applied topically if you have a skin condition of any type by rubbing it into the skin several times a day until the issue resolves. Hemp oil is a natural moisturizer and is also useful as a sunblock.


Any substance can cause side effects if ingested, since different people react in different ways. at being said, hemp oil is very well tolerated. ere could be a little diarrhea or loose stools or abdominal cramping. Since it may affect the clotting ability of platelets, it may cause bleeding or bruising problems in patients already on Coumadin (warfarin) or other blood thinners.


  1. Hemp oil can be used mixed with lemon oil as a wonderful varnish to finished wood.
  2. Hemp oil can be used to make candles.
  3. Hemp oil can be used as a lubricant for bicycle chains and chainsaws, etc.
  4. Hemp oil can be used as a biodiesel fuel. For we Preppers this alone may prove to be one of its greatest uses, since marijuana is so easy to grow (hence its nickname “weed”).

Growing an ample supply for medicinal and biodiesel fuel use will probably become widespread.

Those above-named benefits of hemp oil are primarily from its high content of essential fatty acids.

From a survivalist or Prepper viewpoint hemp oil answers all of our problems as far as nutrition is concerned, because here in one seed oil we are able to give our bodies all twenty of the amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that we cannot produce ourselves, in addition to which we can get all the essential fatty acids and a host of other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Due to its high nutritional content it indeed qualifies as a Super Food for our needs.

Cannabis sativa is also very easy to grow, does not require any special soils, does not need pesticides or even fertilizer and has no natural enemies that ravage it. In short, Cannabis is a weed and is very easy to grow and provides us with complete nutrition as well as a useful medicine, and, if you are so inclined, a psychoactive substance (it will get you high).

It will probably be a very useful product to have for barter due to its multiple uses, but I would venture to guess that many people will be growing it. In a survival situation Cannabis sativa will be a very useful thing to add to your medicine chest; at least keep a nice supply of the seeds handy.

Want more practical advice such as this one?

Check out Dr. Ralph La Guardia’s The Doomsday Book of Medicine.


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