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13 Skills to Learn Now for Survival Later

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Evaluating survival readiness takes more than just 13 questions. However these thirteen skills to learn in the areas of food, water, shelter, protection and communication will form a solid foundation of preparation and readiness.

1. Finding Food: The ability to locate wild game is essential for survival. This includes understanding habitats, wind direction and animal behaviour.

2. Preparing Food: There’s no need to cook a grasshopper but for other sources of protein, proper field dressing and cooking is needed to prevent disease and sickness.

3. Agriculture: Hunting won’t always be a viable option so you’ll need to know which crops you can grow, preferably without or with little irrigation, such as corn.

4. Food Storage: As the graphic displays, 53 percent of surveyed adults don’t have a minimum three-day supply of nonperishable food and water. Those without food storage will quickly find themselves in a dire situation.

Water is simple to store and transport with the right containers.

5. Finding Water: Water collecting contraptions can not only save you in the wilderness but will also work to replenish your water supply.

6. Purifying Water: There are plenty of ways to purify water, a common method (displayed) is a water filter made from pebbles, sand, cloth and charcoal.

7. Water Storage: The most important thing to remember about water collecting, purifying and storage is that you’ll only last 100 hours in average temperatures without water. An obvious survival priority.

8. Bug Out Ready: The effectiveness of bugging out is debated. However, it’s important to have a shelter that can withstand collapse.

9. Shelter Building: From round lodges to tarp shelters, shelter construction will protect you from the elements, preserving your energy and mental awareness.

10. Marksmanship: Accurately firing a weapon will help you take down food and can help you defend yourself and family. Being skilled with crossbows, compound bows and other weapons is a plus.

11. Weapon Maintenance: Cleaning the firearm thoroughly and frequently is important. And weapons like AR-15 rifles can be customized with different parts and accessories for hunting and protection purposes in survival situations.

12. Communication Methods: Cellphones could quickly become void in a survival situation. Understand technology and certain radios that will work under any condition.

13. Group Cohesion: The jerk test. Coexisting with others is the only way to survive for an extended duration.

Take a look through this infographic and let us know what you would add.


  1. Ken

    August 3, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Excellent article.

  2. Eric

    August 4, 2017 at 5:24 am

    This is predicated on the belief that you have a vast store of usable items and arable land.
    Take agriculture for instance, how many people have the seeds to grow a crop and a large enough plot of ground to grow in? Not to mention it will literally take a season (3 months) to bring in a crop. So you’ll obviously need a supply of at least 3 months of non perishable food and that’s assuming your able to bring in a large enough crop to sustain you thru winter which also means construction of a root cellar for food.
    Shelter building again based on the notion you have a safe spot to erect (again land) that is far enough from civilization a mob won’t come and kill you, take all you food and supplies. Even if your armed and well defended a hungry angry mob will get you.
    Bug out ready and communication: if you’re in an area hit with an emp both go out the window. Every electrical system gets fried, including your vehicle. You’re going nowhere fast.
    Water purification and water storage, probably the easiest to achieve and the least costly.
    Marksmanship, very costly. The time and effort to become proficient with any weapon is great. At least the idea of a bow or crossbow is a good one, because most people are going to run out of ammo fast. An arrow you can at least retrieve, gun ammo unless you have a butt load of powder and your own press you won’t be able to make a mad dash to wal-mart.
    Basically, it’s nice to believe we can all run away someplace safe in a crisis, but very few can afford this plan or have the were withal to carry it out.
    You should probably have called this article survival tips for rural land owners.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

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