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Silver in all forms has been employed by mankind for its antiseptic qualities over millennia. The Greeks and Romans used a silver coin to purify bad water and to preserve milk and wine. In later times, a silver coin was taped to the umbilical wound of a newborn child to prevent infection. A silver solution is placed into the eyes of every newborn to kill any infection that was picked up from the birth canal during delivery and silver is used in every burn center the world over to prevent infection. Surgical bandages are now silver thread impregnated for speedy healing.

Most Doctors know the antiseptic properties of silver. Just ask your MD.

The history of nutrition shows that humans have utilized natural foods and remedies for many thousands of years. The earliest physicians turned to Mother Nature for virtually all their health aids. The effectiveness of herbs and botanicals is well documented and enjoys increasingly wide use by the general public. But, today, with the advent of corporate entities and the influence of Big Pharma and her allies in the FDA, along with their innate financial pursuits and considerations, all this has seen a wide-spread attack.

Natural remedies and holistic treatments are denigrated by corporate America and many MDs as a rule. After all, if natural remedies cost very little and modern pharmaceuticals are very profitable for corporate America, which do you think will get the nod from the moneyed class? Not too much of a brain twister here!

The ancients had to rely on natural means of preservation and storage for foodstuffs. Lacking refrigeration, they had to find natural means for keeping a safe supply for long journeys and hot summers. Not surprisingly, they employed the anti-microbial qualities of silver for the preservation of drinking water, milk and wine. By either utilizing silver vessels for storage and transportation or simply dropping a silver coin into a container or a wineskin, they successfully kept their foods in good order until consumed. Archaeological investigations in the domains of Ancient Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia are the sites for this information. Cisterns dating from 600 BCE bare the evidence that silver coins were placed in them for water purification and storage. Wine vats from ancient vintners are silent testimony to the same practice. The ancients were pretty darn smart!

In Medieval times, royalty ate and drank from silver vessels, plates and utensils not to be stylist and for pomp, but for health preservation. Acidic foods would tarnish the silver utensils and create toxic silver salts that had a tendency to turn the skin grey or blue. Argyria was common in the upper classes and they were referred to as “Blue Bloods” by the common folk. They were healthy, lived long lives and were immune to the plagues that wiped out a large percentage of European populations in that period. The products that turned people blue (a condition clinically known as argyria) are not true colloidal silvers and nutritionists don’t use or recommend the use of cheap and toxic silver salts in the modern age of health care.

Many folks who go to the Internet in search of information on Colloidal Silver (and many other subjects for that matter) find quite a bit of hype, misleading and just plain disinformation that is placed there by pitifully ignorant postings. And, having found negative claims for Colloidal Silver, they terminate their research and remain ignorant of the facts. You simply can’t trust much of the info you get through the Internet, so be careful of the sources you find there. One of the common claims I see quite often is that argyria is caused by Colloidal Silver and that is simply not true. Colloidal Silver is eliminated from the body quite speedily, but silver salts are not. Argyria is the result of ingestion of improper chemical forms and silver salts that are concentrated in the skin. No practicing nutritionist would ever recommend the ingestion of silver salts, and the use of sodium chloride as an aid to generation is not a good idea.

True Colloidal Silver is safe and effective and is easy to manufacture right in your own home. Claims that it will “turn you blue” are simply the result of gross ignorance or some other agenda. The author has been generating Colloidal Silver at home and has ingested 2 oz. per day for the past 22 years without even the slightest tinge of blue skin. Additionally, being a college professor, I was exposed to the flu every winter and I always came down with a full-blown case plus 2 to 3 common colds. I have not had either of those ailments since beginning Colloidal Silver in 1992, and I DON’T take the flu shot.

I don’t know the motives (or hidden agendas) of anyone who writes this kind of “colloidal silver causes blue skin” tripe, but these folks are out there. The condition of argyria that turned the famous “Blue Man”, Mr. Paul Karason’s skin blue came as an intentional result. He ingested on a daily basis high doses of high-strength homemade silver chloride he made in his garage. He even bathed in the stuff and then “fixed” the silver by using a tanning bed in an attempt to make it into the Guinness World Records book. Deceased now of a cardiac condition, Mr. Karason never had any infections.

Recent Research

The clinical use and medical applications for colloidal silver were recognized as legitimate and approved by the FDA as early as 1910. Many research articles were published by the 1930s. Then came the discovery of penicillin and all that changed. The cheap and readily available colloidal silver products were suddenly abandoned and the pharmaceutical industry began pushing the very expensive and profitable antibiotics. Penicillin saved many lives during the World War II years and thereafter. However, antibiotic resistance has raised its ugly head with the emergence of MRSA and a host of several other resistant bacteria. In addition, modern medicine has practically no effective treatments for viral infections. The common cold, influenza, herpes, HIV, HPV, and hepatitis (A,B,C,D,E,F &G) and now Ebola are all viral infections.

C. Silver may be our only hope when it comes to these. And C. Silver is experiencing a re-emergence in holistic medicine over the past several years. HIV and even some forms of cancer are now treatable. Specialists in wound care are turning to the use and application of C. Silver in increasing numbers because of its immediate effectiveness.

Emergency disinfection of water is a continuing concern among those individuals who anticipate the eventual need for self-protection in these uncertain times in which we live. Public water supplies are vulnerable to unexpected disruptions and even the private water well depends on a reliable source of electrical power from which to operate. Hunting and camping away from normally dependable water supplies carry its own concerns as well. Water taken from streams and lakes carries its own hazards and the taste of Halazone is far from pleasant. C. Silver is well known for its ability to render these questionable water sources safe to drink, and without any undue taste or flavor to offend the Mrs. A test of C. Silver was run in Nebraska some years ago on a swimming pool that had been contaminated by raw sewage. The plate counts for E. coli ran upwards of 7000 CFU/ml. Addition of silver brought the counts to non-detect within 3 hours of inoculation.   C. Silver should be a part of everyone’s survival kit.

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Silver in all forms has been employed by mankind for its antiseptic qualities over millennia. The Greeks and Romans used a silver coin to purify bad water and to preserve

Knees are weak; palms are sweaty… Just one of those passing migraines that have the habit of ruining a perfectly good day. As one who had to deal with migraines for the past couple of years, popping pills has become something of a hobby for yours truly.

And even my prescription meds, I can’t seem to shake loose those annoying and throbbing aches.

Anyway, after seeing that marvelous piece on the effects of garlic inside the ear ! I’ve decided to let you on a little prepping secret: salt cures migraines! What? You can’t be serious.

Yes, I am. You mean the same stuff that makes our ticker go haywire can actually cure a frigging migraine? Yup, that’s right. Wouldn’t have written about it if I had even the slightest doubt about it. Even tried it out me to see if works, and it does. Dunno if its placebo or the real McCoy, but the thing is that my migraines are getting less, well, migrainy.

Still, before showing you this neat little trick, let’s get sciency a bit and talk about the connection between sodium (salt) and migraines.

Salt and Migraines Don’t Click! Or do They?

Let’s consider the basics – we need electrolytes in order to live, breath, and thrive; no, you’re going to drink Gatorade instead of water because it contains electrolytes. Think of these substances as the body’s electricity conductors. Their job is to balance the fluids that flow between the outside and the inside of our cells.

As you’ve probably guessed it, sodium is an electrolyte. The most important one at the that. Potassium is also an electrolyte. Now, the interaction between sodium and potassium creates what it’s called an action potential, which is another fancy word for electrical stimulation. This prompts our cells to wake up and do what they’re supposed to do. More or less, it’s like prodding a stubborn cow with one of those electrical batons to make it move.

Our bodies, like the perfect little machines they are, have this innate ability to auto-balance sodium level, but only to a certain degree. Too little sodium and you get kick-ass symptoms like fatigue, hallucinations, headaches, and, yes migraines. On the other hand, low levels of sodium lead to more debilitating symptoms like seizures, coma, and, of course, meeting Lady Scythe. Lovely, isn’t it? Well, that’s it for sodium. But what about migraines?

Well, if you had one before, then you know that it’s something much worse then a headache. For the others, migraine is the, let’s say, the lovechild of headaches and extreme nausea.

Migraines end in throbbing headaches, but they’re usually accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, change of vision (your eyes are unable to focus that well), and numbness in the arms, legs, and feet. In some people, migraines can cause hypersensitivity to light (master, don’t come out! The sun’s still up), irritability, and loss of appetite.

I usually end up spending the rest of the day in my attic, listening to some tunes, each time the migraine hits.

Great info, but what’s the connection? Hold your britches. Here’s what you need to know. Among the most common causes of migraines is lack of sleep, dehydration, too much salt, stress, food additives, weather changes, and, bam, electrolyte imbalance.

Though the exact relationship between sodium and migraines has yet to be determined, the guys in cool lab coats, tend to think that it has very much to do with our diet and how our body processes vits, minerals, and nutrients. Our body cannot produce salt, so we need to get it from somewhere else (food and drinks).

The sad part is that although we try our best to curb our salt intake since it’s known to lead to cardiovascular disease, we end up eating more salt than the recommended daily dose. Why? Because our f-ing food is riddled with it. Everything from meat to dairy, sweets, and processed food contains more salt than a saline quarry.

You know what’s the recommended salt intake? 2300 mg – that’s about three-quarters of a teaspoon. Still, with all this wondrous food around, we end up eating one and a half teaspoons of salt per day, if not more.

So how does this amount to salt being good for migraines? Well, some researchers have found out that patients who consumed a small amount of salt were less likely to experience debilitating migraine symptoms compared to those on low sodium diets or no salt. Again, they don’t know for sure why it happens, but it seems to pay off. I tried this cure a couple of times, and it worked like magic.

My take on pain meds

So, to get rid of those migraines here’s what you will need to do. Grab an empty glass, a lemon, salt, and a jug of water. Squeeze the lemon juice, pour it in the glass, then add one tablespoon of salt and water. Stir and shake. Drink it, and that’s basically it. In 30 minutes, tops, you’ll feel like a new man or woman. That’s it – simplicity itself laid out in front of you.

One word of caution, though. If you have heart or kidney issues, I wouldn’t advise using this trick, since it can lead to other nasty entanglements.

You can also use the same mixture of other hygienic purposes. For instance, if you eliminate the lemon, the water-and-salt mix is great for reducing throat swelling. Also, those who have gland problems (another fancy word for smelly feet or armpits), try washing the aforementioned body parts in water with a little bit of Epsom salts. Stay safe!

Well, if you had one before, then you know that it’s something much worse then a headache. For the others, migraine is the, let’s say, the lovechild of headaches and