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Have you ever considered purchasing a bulletproof vest or body armor? Do you think that something like this is only reserved for our military forces or police? If you think that, you may be saying to yourself, why would I ever need body armor? Maybe you have considered purchasing this for your family, but you wondered where it falls on the list of items you have considered purchasing for your safety.

If you are like my wife, you asked, what if I get shot in the head? It is true that body armor only works if you get shot in the area that the armor is protecting, but not getting any armor could be a mistake or at least something you regret if society starts to crumble around the edges as it has done in other places, most recently in the Ukraine where massive protest have allegedly devolved into instances where the government forces designed to protect the country are now shooting at the demonstrators. Can you imagine if that happened here at a protest? That same body armor that your tax dollars paid to purchase for our soldiers could be something that could save your life too.

I think there are two camps when it comes to body armor. There are those who buy the more substantial metal plates like the kind sold by one of our advertisers Infidel Body Armor. These metal plates are designed to take high powered rifle cartridges multiple times. This armor is designed to protect people that are going to war or at the very least expect to be shot at by something more than a .22. Armor like this requires plate carriers which conveniently carry other gear that could be used in a conflict. You can even see some of the protestors in the Ukraine wearing equipment like this. If government forces are shooting at them, it would make perfect sense to me to have that level of protection.

The other side of this is soft body armor and this is more concealable and lighter. This has a similar purpose of protecting you from bullet or stab wounds, but the application isn’t as hard core. Soft body armor like the kind from Safeguard Clothing is designed to be worn under clothing or a light jacket and protects you from other threats that the average person could face. I asked Safeguard for some ideas on reasons a civilian should consider buying body armor and this is the list they provided.

You need to protect yourself at all times, but there are ten major reasons to consider buying body armor. If you take the time to protect yourself before anything major happens in your life. The following list will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how protected you could be.

1 – Dangerous Neighborhood

If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you could be putting your life at risk every time you step out of your house. Someone may attempt to rob you while you are going to and from your car. It can be a great way to protect yourself and not have to worry about anyone knowing that you are wearing the body armor at all.

2 – Taking Money to the Bank

If you have a job that requires you to deposit money in the bank for a business, you want to be sure that you are safe and protected. The vests are lightweight so that you can easily move around while wearing it, but ensure that even if someone were to try to take the money from you that your chances of survival after a shot will be high.

3 – Receiving Threats from an Ex

When an ex feels as though they have been hurt, they may act out in a crazy way. The body armor will protect you, if he or she attempts to shoot you out of anger.

4 – Intruders Enter Your Home

If an intruder breaks into your home, the body armor will protect you, if they attempt to shoot you. It will also help you to have the confidence that you need to be able to get to your phone and call the police.

5 – Work at a School

If you work as an officer or even as a teacher at a school, body armor may be an investment you want to make. In the past, there have been many teachers that have been killed while on the job by individuals attacking the school. No students will be able to tell that you are wearing the vest during your workday.

6 – Work at a Bank

Working at a bank can be dangerous. The body armor is not illegal for you to wear to work and will not be detectable by a potential bank robber.

7 – Work Late at a Restaurant or Business

The body armor can be essential when you are working late at night as that is when most robberies occur. The vest will better your chances of being able to make it through the ordeal.

8 – Delivery Driver

If you work as a delivery driver, body armor can help protect you, while you are making your deliveries. There are people who get desperate and may try to take the items that you are trying to deliver.

9 – Courthouse Worker

If you work at a courthouse, you may have to deal with people that are not happy with the sentences that they received. If someone decides to attack the courthouse, you will be glad that you invested in body armor.

10 – Work at the Post Office

The post office can be very stressful and there are times when someone may snap. When this happens, it can cause them to go on a rampage and wearing the body armor will increase your chances of walking out of the post office alive after a rampage occurs.

Do all or any of these hypotheticals apply to you? Maybe, or maybe not. Should you purchase body armor if you live out in the middle of the forest and nobody comes around? Do you have the other bases covered first like food, water, shelter and personal defense? Buying body armor makes perfect sense to me as long as you have all of the other bases covered. Do I believe a situation like the Ukraine is possible here? Absolutely I do, but I don’t know if I would be joining the rioters in that enclosed square. That doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in having body armor in case you need it. Something to think about, you know the people in the Ukraine are.

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Have you ever considered purchasing a bulletproof vest or body armor? Do you think that something like this is only reserved for our military forces or police? If you think

What if tomorrow you wake up to a world torn apart by a nuclear war? What if the governments fall and the society you knew goes crazy with neighbors attacking neighbors, looting local stores, etc.? What if a deadly virus was leaked as a bio-weapon and turns the people that were surrounding you for many years into mindless, flesh eating zombies? What if you will need to survive in at least one of these worst case scenarios?

Probably, the very first thing you should take care of during survival is the protection of your body. Living in a progressive world, where most everyone is allowed to own and use fire arms, defines the nature of body armor you should have (or be looking for). Whatever the case is, you will make the most benefit from using a bullet proof vest, because you never know, who will be walking behind your back and that person (or persons) can carry a gun and have no good intentions towards passersby.

A Bullet proof vests is a very useful thing to have in your arsenal, when surviving in extreme conditions. This little vest that covers about 15-19 inches of your back and front can save your life on multiple occasions. You may think that it’s better to wear tactical body armor, because you will have most of your body parts protected. But, even here you will have a weakness – the enemy will see the protected parts of your body and will intentionally attack the unprotected ones. Moreover, if you are in conditions that require you to constantly move, tactical body armor may cause a severe disadvantage and slow you down. Regular bullet proof vests are much more effective in this case.

If you need to survive, you don’t want to spend your time looking for stuff you could have prepared ahead of time. Since it’s not the end of the world right now and you have the time to read this, you should think about getting a bullet proof vest, before anything actually happens. Online you can get them shipped in a day, companies like SafeGuard Clothing offer this type of quick protection service, so you can be protected by tomorrow! Even if you will never get a chance to wear and use it, you will at least not regret that you weren’t prepared for an extreme situation.

Bullet proof vests can offer two types of protection – ballistic protection and combined ballistic and stab protection. The latter is more effective, of course. Moreover, there are two types of protection rankings for ballistic and stab attacks provided by the NIJ and HOSDB, respectively. While there are 6 NIJ protection levels, there are only 2 HOSDB protection levels. Obviously, the higher the protection level, the heavier the vest. Heavier vest means it’s bulkier and less comfortable. These facts have to be considered, when choosing the vest.

You can purchase a bullet proof vest in an online store. Make sure it’s of the right size and will suit you well. In order to make sure about this, you can talk to the online support and find out everything you need. However, it is best to visit an actual body armor store and get all the required assistance, because an online support worker can’t see you and can skip something important. It’s always better to be prepared, rather than being caught napping.


What if tomorrow you wake up to a world torn apart by a nuclear war? What if the governments fall and the society you knew goes crazy with neighbors attacking