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These are two resources I came across on the web today.

The Basics of Wound Care is a booklet that you can download that goes into pretty graphic detail about identifying and treating a wide variety of wounds. If pictures of really nasty wounds cause you to get sick, you better just download this one and let somebody else read it.

Another really great book is Practical Plastic Surgery for Non-surgeons and at first I thought to myself, who is going to be augmenting breasts (yes, that is covered in the book) after the SHTF? Which in retrospect could be a barter-able skill… I am kidding.

The book does go into a lot of great information for treating wounds and injuries and is broken into chapters. If you don’t get the entire book, you can just download the individual chapters that seem most appropriate to you. I would recommend, Suturing, Basic Surgery, Gunshot Wounds and Burns.

To download the entire Plastic Surgery for Non-Surgeons book, click here.

But you can also download an individual chapter.

Let me know if you found this interesting or just a waste of time. But then, who doesn’t like some free knowledge. Just let me know what you think about the quality of information shared for free in these two books.

Hello, my name is Dr. Ralph La Guardia, I am a physician, an internist and I am also board certified in both geriatrics and bariatrics.

However, my true passion is integrative medicine, which is the combination of traditional and alternative medicine. I have taken the best treatments of both disciplines to develop a highly effective method of treating medical problems of all types. 

I am also a prepper and I have written the most complete medical guide ever written called

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine

My reason for writing this book was to fill the gap in the disaster literature for medical treatment. I read all the books on survival medicine and I am here to tell you, they are all rip offs. They are nothing more than first aid manuals, often written by authors with absolutely no medical training. I am sure their intentions were good, but the results were horrific.

These so-called medical guides were full of worthless advice like this: if you are bitten by a snake, call poison control. They tell you to stockpile your medications, try to tell your insurance company that you need a year’s worth of your diabetes or blood pressure meds, and let me know how that goes for you.

I have been in private practice for over thirty years. During that time, I read countless books and thousands of articles in obscure medical journals, looking for alternative cures. I tested what works and what doesn’t and will teach you all of it, for every medical problem from head to toe, everything from fevers to diabetes to pneumonia to snake bites.

Get this book now and begin to learn such secrets as

– What is 8 times more effective at preventing the flu than a flu vaccine?

– The antioxidant that is 6,000 x more powerful than vitamin c.

– The amino acid that not only treats anxiety and depression but also helps alleviate alcohol and drug craving.

– The common weed that is not only the perfect food but also can be used to make biofuel for your vehicles, after gasoline is no longer available.

– The common cleaning product that will not only cure your arthritis but also make your bones so rock hard that surgeons have difficulty cutting thru them.

There has never been a book like this, so easy to read and so jam packed full of life saving medical information that cannot be found anywhere else.

I give you practical advice “from the trenches” that you can find nowhere else.

For each problem, I teach you what it is, and more importantly I give you scores of ways to treat each problem without prescription pharmaceuticals, often with everyday items already in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

You can prepare for a crisis in endless ways, stockpiling food, guns and ammo and finding a secure “bugout” place that you can make impregnable, but what are you going to do if you or one of your loved ones get sick, really sick, life threatening sick … then what?

You won’t know how to diagnose what is going on, and more importantly you won’t have any idea how to treat it. You will sit there hopeless as your loved ones succumb to an illness or an injury and be totally helpless.

What are you going to do when your meds run out? How are you going to stop your child’s burning fever? How are you going to help a loved one with a severe burn, or a broken bone, or a snake bite? What are you going to do when they are coughing and cannot stop, is it flu or pneumonia? And you have no antibiotics left.

I was sick of people with good intentions getting ripped off by worthless medical guides, so I decided to do something about it and I wrote The Doomsday Book of Medicine; over 800 pages jammed full of medical information written in an easy to read format that requires absolutely no medical knowledge.

I teach you how to both diagnose and treat any medical problem you are going to encounter. And more importantly, I give you many ways to treat it. I also teach you how to make your own medical chest that you can stock with over the counter nonprescription items, so you too can treat any medical problem that you or your loved ones may find themselves in.

You don’t have to wait for a crisis to use this book

Most of my readers use it in their everyday lives to treat any medical problems that might occur. It is their “go to book” saving them time and money on costly doctor visits. Not only is this book the most complete medical guide ever written for non-medical people, it is also a manual that you can use to keep your body vigorously healthy and disease free.

I’ll teach you how to grow nutrient dense foods that will nourish your mind and body. You will learn the secrets of the soil that will make your body impregnable to disease. You will learn essential health practices, the right way to take vitamins, and why they currently aren’t working for you. You will learn the essential tools for treating most diseases you are likely to encounter.

No other book on the market today will teach you all of this as well as how to make your own wound care solutions, saline solutions, eye irrigant, natural insect repellent, sunscreen, fecal transplant solution, hydrating fluids and even toothpaste.

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is jammed packed with over 800 pages of medical secrets that you can find nowhere else. It took me over 30 years in private practice, and endless research to find all of these cures, and now for the first time they are all presented in one easy to read format.

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is your answer to the vital question: what are you going to do when there are no doctors or medicine available?

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I was sick of people with good intentions getting ripped off by worthless medical guides, so I decided to do something about it and I wrote The Doomsday Book of