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I enclose you a list of the killed, wounded, and captives of the enemy from the commencement of hostilities at Lexington in April 1775, until November 1777, since which there has been no event of any consequence … I think that upon the whole it has been about one half the number lost by them, in some instances more, but in others less. This difference is ascribed to our superiority in taking aim when we fire; every soldier in our army having been intimate with his gun from his infancy.

– Thomas Jefferson, letter to Giovanni Fabbroni, June 8, 1778

The most important thing for you to understand about the 2nd Amendment is that it’s always under fire. It doesn’t matter what the pressing issue is. It could be a border wall, it could be health care, it could be a foreign war, there is always a collection of people who are trying to figure out how to take another bite out of your gun rights.

This might be about ammo, it might be about magazine capacity, it might be about types of rifles. Eventually, if we don’t remain vigilant, you will be living in a nation that looks like the UK where you are not even allowed to buy pocket knives online.

Luckily for us States have a big say in the gun rights of citizens but not all states are on the side of gun owners. Do you know the very best and worst states in the Union for gun owners? We are going to look at five of the very best and five states that you should run away from.

Defining Best

To define the best states in the nation for guns we have to first consider what best means. Of course, the best quantifier for a good gun state has to come from the roots of the 2nd Amendment.

2nd Amendment

Our rights keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, so it would make sense that the very best states in the union for gun owners would be those that do their best not to infringe.

Concealed Carry Permits and Right to Carry

Things like CCW Permits or concealed carry permits and the ability to procure them is one example of how a state could be rated. Some states make it a very simple process while others require that you jump through flaming hoops while juggling just to apply for a CCW Permit.

There are states that allow open carry and even some that allow concealed carry without a permit.

Legislation and Representatives

We can also look at legislation and the attitude towards guns. At any given moment the motives and proposed legislation of the public “representatives” are a great tell if you are looking for examples of states that welcome gun owners.

Modern Sporting Rifles

How are these MSRs treated by laws in the state? Now, modern sporting rifles would be things that more liberal states would recognize as “Assault Weapons” and seem to be hell bent on denying ownership and access the people of their states.


States have varying degrees of laws when it comes to owning things like SBRs or Short barreled rifles, suppressors, machine guns, shotguns and other destructive devices.

Castle Doctrine

How you protect your home is a huge part of gun ownership. Even the most radical Federally proposed gun laws seem to understand the importance of allowing certain guns, like shotguns, for home defense. However, your right to use force to prevent death, forcible crime or bodily harm can differ widely from state to state.

The best states for gun owners are going to grade well in all these areas and maybe even in some areas outside of even these. At the end of the day it goes back to the simple declaration of the 2nd Amendment.

The 5 Worst States for Gun Owners


Though obtaining a permit to carry in this state is easier in rural Massachusetts its still a “may issue” state and people in Boston are gonna have a real struggle getting one of their own. You will need a license to buy any firearm or ammo in this state and that is as ugly as anything you are going to find on this list.

Assault weapons are banned in MA as are magazines that carry over 10 rounds of ammunition. Sad state for the birthplace of the American Revolution.

New York

A Bastian of liberal ideology it should come as no surprise to anyone that we the gun rights in this state are some of the worst in the nation. The gun owners in this state face aggression both from politicians bent on crushing the 2nd amendment as well as the citizens are just as antigun. Its such a mess that Remington arms is headed out of the state with their operation.

The NY SAFE Act that followed the Sandy Hook Shooting ratcheted up the level of gun restrictions in the State. There were no grandfathered magazines above 30 rounds, assault weapons definitions have widened drastically. New York has taken and will take every action to stifle 2nd Amendment rights. They also have the peoples support.


We all use the sad and brutal crime in Chicago as ammunition against gun laws. Illinois requires the dreaded FOID. This is a firearms owner identification card and it is required in the state before you are allowed to buy guns or ammunition.

If you jump through the hoops to buy a handgun you are going to wait 3 days after your purchase to get that gun and you are going to deal with a “shall issue” state if you wish to carry that handgun concealed.


Maryland has been so tough on gun owners that they chased the firearms producer, Beretta, out of the state!

This state has followed, lock step, with all the radical proposed gun restriction laws of recent years. You will need to give the state police your fingerprints if you hope to buy any firearm, you will not be allowed to have magazines with more than 10 rounds in them and all “assault weapons” are banned.

Their concealed carry permit process is one of the toughest in the nation. So, after you go through all the steps to buy a gun you will likely just have to hide it in your safe to satisfy the state.


It should come as no surprise that the liberal headquarters known as California made this list. Our criteria above talked about legislation and representation. This state seems to have representatives that pride themselves in their restrictive laws.

Because of this leadership you find hostility toward gun owners in many areas. Firearms producers are often forced to create “California Approved” versions of their guns. Of course, like Maryland’s affect, many gun owners are just running away from the state.

A 10-day waiting period, banning of all “assault weapons” and the 10 round magazine rules, are more reasons that the sunny state of California is nothing short of a prison for gun owners.

The 5 Best States for Gun Owners


The southwestern region of the nation has been all the news lately. Nestled along the southern border is a state that stands out as an absolute paradise for gun owners in the modern age. I am talking about the state of Arizona.

Arizona is home to one of the best shooting cultures in the nation. It’s something to behold. From people shooting recreationally to those who train others and shoot professionally, Arizona is a great home for gun owners.

Guns and Ammo have named Arizona the #1-gun state for the last 5 years. This has a lot to do with the things mentioned above but also because of the right to carry concealed or not and Castle Doctrine rules that allow it citizen to defend themselves.


The last true American frontier, Alaska offers up freedoms that are no longer offered in the lower 38. These freedoms expand far beyond gun ownership. Alaskans are allowed to carry weapons in almost all cases. They can carry concealed or open without the need of any permit from the state. The only real law that affects that is if a person is intoxicated.

Alaska also offers some of the most impressive lands for hunting and shooting. The outdoor recreational opportunities are built for the gun owner.


Stunning, natural beauty and permissive gun laws tend to go hand in hand in the west. Utah is one of the most beautiful states in all the nation and its gun laws are just as appealing. They share the right to carry laws of places like Alaska and Arizona.

They operate under a two mechanical actions rule. Which means you can carry but without a round in the chamber meaning you need to chamber a round (1.) and fire that round by pulling the trigger (.2)

The legislation and representation are decidedly pro-gun and that goes a long way for gun owners.


Kansas has recently moved to permit less carry on all accounts. They were trying to recognize out of state permits, but it died in the legislative process. Though they lack the strong support of citizenry and don’t share in the support of shooting support its easy to understand why this state is a great option for gun owners.


While it might not come up on your radar, Wyoming is a near blueprint of what a favorable gun owner’s state should look like. The law is on your side if you stand and defend yourself with a firearm, it’s a permit less carry state and recognizes the permits of all other states. The hunting and shooting culture are massive and that is another check for the good.

Wyoming is what we all should strive for in a gun owning state.

With another powerful push for an increase in National Gun Control, its very important that we empower the states to not only oppose the radical national regulations but to allow the people of those states to take advantage of their second amendment rights.

Its good to see people leaving these states that tax them to death and restrict their gun ownership. It means the citizenry are paying attention and these states will pay the price as taxes on guns, hunting, fishing licenses and of course the population of working Americans continues to plummet.

Is it time for you to move out of your state? After reading this article you might find yourself looking at property in a new state over the weekend. All the power is in your hands. Don’t let these twisted states control your 2nd Amendment rights!

I enclose you a list of the killed, wounded, and captives of the enemy from the commencement of hostilities at Lexington in April 1775, until November 1777, since which there

To the concealed carry permit holder, you have a very important responsibility. The responsibility to carry a handgun is not one that you should take lightly, it is a key factor in deciding whether or not you or your family will be safe and at the same time whether or not you will take a life. Guarding your family and ending the life of a bad guy is not a choice you should make with the same amount of thought as to what you are going to watch on TV tonight. This should be something that you are clear in your mind of the reasons why, and the possible ramifications of your choices.

Why Carry Concealed?

There are a lot of reasons why an individual would choose to carry a concealed handgun but they almost all boil down to personal security or protection. Why else would you carry a firearm that is capable of killing someone unless you were prepared to use that amount of force to do just that? If you weren’t willing or able to pull the trigger, there would be no need to carry would there?

Carrying a concealed firearm should be done with the full intention that one day you may need to draw your weapon, point it at the threat and pull the trigger. If you don’t understand this basic fundamental and more importantly, are prepared to do just that, you should not be carrying concealed in the first place.

For me, the motivation behind carrying concealed was not because of a threat on me or my family. I had no out of the ordinary experiences in my past that made me fearful for my safety or the safety of my loved ones. I look at this from a practical standpoint. I think Wayne LaPierre summed it up nicely in response to the outcry over the Newton School shootings when he said, “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” I agree completely.

It wasn’t a school shooting that convinced me to carry either, but Wayne’s comment resonates perfectly with my own philosophy. As a legal carrier of firearms, it may come down to me standing in front of a “bad guy” with a gun. I don’t view this as a preordained destiny from God that I would be placed in any situation like this, but if I am, I want to make sure I am prepared. If I am in that situation, I will accept the responsibility of being the good guy who potentially stops the bad guy.

Obviously my family’s safety was first and foremost in my mind, but like school shootings, or church shootings or mall shootings, I believe that the more legal, responsible people we have with firearms, the safer everyone else would be if a bad guy got it in his head to harm people.

Never leave home without it.

I know a couple of people who have their concealed carry permits, but they never have their weapon on them. When I ask why, it is usually one of two responses. Either they laugh and say, “I don’t have to worry about anything here do I?” or that the firearm is bulky, doesn’t go with their outfit, not easily concealed, etc.

If you have a permit, you should carry your firearm everywhere you go. I have mine with me even sitting around the house in my sweatpants. Why? Because you will almost never foresee the time and place you will need it. Leave it at home one day and the church you are attending may be paid a visit by a lunatic who wants to meet God, really. Have that firearm in your bedroom and someone may kick down the door while you are watching American Idol. You never know, so it is your duty and obligation to carry your firearm with you at all times. How are you going to protect yourself or anyone else if your concealed carry is under the bed?

When should you use your weapon?

Carrying concealed, as I explained above, is not to be taken lightly. If you are carrying, you must think through the possibilities and potential threats, escalation and your actions.

Let’s say you are a woman and you are work evenings at a retail store. When you leave at night, you may have to go out into a dark parking lot or a dark alley. Maybe this isn’t in the best part of town, maybe it is. Regardless, there is a chance someone could approach you on your way to your car, but you are carrying a concealed handgun. Out of the corner of your eye you see a man walking towards you. He is mumbling something that you can’t quite make out and he is closing the distance between you and your car. As he gets closer he is still mumbling and you see a knife in his hand. What do you do?

Every situation that you could possibly face is different so there is no one size fits all answer to using lethal force. As we saw with the George Zimmerman case, there was much arguing and heated debate over the “Stand your Ground” law in Florida. First, you should know the laws of the state you are carrying in, but a general guideline is that your life must be in jeopardy before you can justifiably kill someone. You can’t kill someone who is being rude or talking too loudly in a movie theater, or who stole your parking spot. This is life and death we are talking about so there can’t be any grey area.

If you do have to use your firearm, the police will be involved and they will be scrutinizing you very carefully to ascertain whether or not the person you shot (just like George Zimmerman) was a real threat. If they decide that you killed someone who didn’t deserve to die, guess who goes to jail?

One fallback you have is that the simple fact you are carrying, may be a deterrent. Without shooting anyone you can let them know that you will, if need be. Drawing your firearm and having it pointed down at the ready position (down) is a first step. Forcefully warning your attacker that you have a gun and you will use it may defuse the situation. They leave, you are both alive and you don’t go to jail.

You must play out scenarios in your mind and make sure you understand what you will do in various situations. You want to clearly deal with the threat if you are ever forced into that reality.

Why does all of this matter?

In order to be prepared, we look at a lot of different aspects of our lives, possible threats that could impact us and make plans for how to mitigate the pain or suffering we would go through in the event that any of those threats come to pass. Carrying a concealed firearm, just like storing food for an emergency is one type of survival preparation. You carry survival kits for when your car breaks down in an emergency. You carry a Get Home Bag if something happens and you need to make it back home, right?

Carrying a concealed firearm is what you do if you are planning to survive a bad guy trying to kill you or someone else. If you have foresight to get your permit, carry a weapon and have thought through the ramifications of deadly force, you have a duty to yourself and the other good guys around you to have this with you and be prepared to use it.

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To the concealed carry permit holder, you have a very important responsibility. The responsibility to carry a handgun is not one that you should take lightly, it is a key