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As preppers we need to build strong bodies literally from the ground up.

This is the only way we can guarantee ourselves good, long-lasting, disease free bodies that will resist the inevitable epidemics that will sweep through a post-apocalyptic society, killing off many of the original survivors. It is also the only way we will be able to bear children who are healthy both mentally and physically, and who are better able to survive in this post-apocalyptic, nightmare world.

When I say from the ground up I mean it literally, the “dirty” secret to good health lies in the dirt or soil of our gardens, fields, and orchards. It is the only way to build healthy bodies and immune systems that will be able to resist everything thrown at them.

We are incredible machines that will build remarkably strong bodies if provided with the proper environment or terrain and all the building blocks they need. I alluded to the mistake that modern medicine is making by attacking the organisms that they feel are causing diseases. is idea of one germ causing one disease state is known as Germ theory.

Don’t mistake what I am saying. Germ theory has served us well, but in my opinion its time has come and gone.

The endless war we have waged against germs has been lost.

We have to face facts, antibiotics worked for years but now the bacteria have outsmarted us and resistance is spreading faster than new, novel antibiotics can be developed. It has been an arms race of sorts since the 1940s and we are losing it.

That leaves us with two options, double down and try as hard as we can to come up with new antibiotics, or try option two ….build healthier cells and immerse them in a healthier environment that will be able to resist infections and prevent them from ever taking hold.

Louis Pasteur was the father of Germ theory, but by the time of his death he saw its futility and on his deathbed he recanted and proclaimed, “It is the terrain that is most important.”

The terrain is the area between cells and all around them it is also known as the ECM or extracellular matrix. is is not a dead zone at all, it is the way cells get their nutrients by diffusion of nutrients between cells. Oxygen is also delivered through the terrain, waste products are removed, and cells communicate with each other through it.

Cells send messages to each other through the terrain, which also provides a structure to embed the cells into and allows the cells to adhere or stick to each other. Growth factors that control cell behavior such as hormones and other protein molecules lie within the terrain and await activation so they can control cell functions.

As you can see, this is not a glue merely holding cells together but rather it is the key to controlling cell health and in turn human health. To ignore its importance in favor of finding new ways to attack germs is utter madness.

Why do we continuously try to reinvent the wheel?

The idea that the environment or “the Terrain” the cells are immersed in predisposes cells to become sick or diseased was abandoned in favor of Germ theory almost a hundred years ago by modern medicine and unfortunately new theories take a long time to become accepted as truths.

Modern medicine is still on the attack, embracing germ theory to the exclusion of evidence to the contrary and its continual failure to permanently conquer germs with ever more toxic antibiotics. Even recent progress that has been made in studying and identifying the human microbiome (the beneficial bacteria and fungi that live and breed in our intestines) and its incredible contribution to our health and our immunity has been ignored in favor of ever stronger antibiotics that devastate these wonderful probiotics.

The evidence continues to mount in favor of the terrain, yet it is continually ignored or played down. Healthy cells produce healthy tissues and organs and healthy bodies, plain and simple. These cells require all the building blocks I mentioned above, plus the right pH (slightly alkaline), and plentiful oxygen provided by good blood flow (which also removes waste products that are acidic).

These healthy cells actually vibrate at certain frequencies, “buzzing” together, having the correct pH, well oxygenated and also the correct electrical voltage all adding up to vibrantly healthy tissue. These cells will never become infected by any germ that tries to attack them. The germs will be repelled by the electric charge and will not find a receptive environment due to the alkaline pH and will not be able to penetrate the cell membrane that is strong and healthy, in good repair and strongly vibrating, and fully able to resist any assaults.

Germs cannot overcome this collective electric charge of healthy cells which repels them, they cannot survive in an alkaline pH, and they cannot gain entry into cells that are strong and healthy. Germs need low oxygen, acidic environments to grow and reproduce and be able to spread.

They need a certain frequency of vibration to be able to enter a cell. Think of it like an FM radio dial ….if you want to listen to a certain channel, you can only gain entry to that channel at the correct frequency. The wrong frequency number on the dial and you get static and you can never pick up or enter that station. It is the same for germs; these microorganisms are alive and as living organisms they too vibrate at a certain frequency, they need cells which are “sick” and whose electrical charge and vibratory frequency are compromised enough to allow them to enter; if not, it is like searching for an FM station at the wrong frequency.

The blueprint for perfect, healthy, disease-resistant bodies is already encoded in our DNA.

We have recently discovered epigenetic (literally meaning around or outside the genes) mechanisms that in turn are the on and off signals for our genes. Many of these epigenetic influences are negative and disease- promoting, but not all.

We are rapidly learning how to better control negative epigenetic influences, and the good news is that they can be overcome.

The messengers for this epigenetic control come in the form of microRNA. We can provide our bodies with all the proper building blocks to construct the perfect body but this needs to be done in the context of the right terrain with the proper pH and also by providing microRNA to send the correct signals to our genes so they can correctly choreograph this amazing construction project.

In order to build healthy cells as I described above, you need to start in your dirt or soil; that is the “dirty” secret to good health.

Healthy soils will grow healthy plants, animals grazing on healthy plants will build healthy, strong bodies and humans eating these plants and animals will in turn become strong, robust, and very disease resistant.

In effect, to develop our own healthy terrain we need to start with healthy terrains in our gardens, fields, orchards, lakes, rivers, and pastures.

This is just an excerpt from Dr. Ralph la Guardia’s 800+ page The Doomsday Book of Medicine.

The chapter about how to build a healthy soil alone is worth the price of the whole book. It will teach how to grow nutrient dense foods that will nourish your mind and body. You will learn the secrets of the soil that will make your body impregnable to disease. You will learn essential health practices, the right way to take vitamins, and why they currently aren’t working for you. You will learn the essential tools for treating most diseases you are likely to encounter.

No other book on the market today will teach you all of this as well as how to make your own wound care solutions, saline solutions, eye irrigant, natural insect repellent, sunscreen, hydrating fluids and even toothpaste.

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is jammed packed with over 800 pages of medical secrets that you can find nowhere else. It took me over 30 years in private practice, and endless research to find all of these cures, and now for the first time they are all presented in one easy to read format. You can read more about it here

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When I say from the ground up I mean it literally, the “dirty” secret to good health lies in the dirt or soil of our gardens, fields, and orchards.