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Prepping is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present.

They say never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. Well, why won’t think the same about prepping? This is something I keep seeing all over the community or even during conversations with other like-minded people. 

“When SHTF” I’ll do this or that.

“What gun are you planning on carrying … when SHTF?”

“When SHTF, I’ll go to my ranch/homestead/bunker/friend’s house”

These are precisely the people that end up not being ready when it counts because they keep waiting for some kind of invitation, email or notification so as to official know that as of right now, shit has indeed hit the fan. So here’s a letter you’ll never receive:

“Dear Sir, we are contacting you in regards to recent events and would like to inform you that as of right now shit has officially hit the fan. Remember where you put that survival medicine book? Get it out now. And yes, start reading the “when SHTF”chapter. You can’t find the book? What? It’s underwater? Along with your gear and food? Oh… Good luck and enjoy the end of the world!”

It just doesn’t work that way. In places where shit has very much hit the fan there’s people with this mentality. I still see if from people living in true hell holes, places like Venezuela, still talking about what they will do when it gets worse.

Get this book to prepare and act now. 

Arm yourself as well as you can now and learn how to defend yourself if you don’t already know how. Not looking after your health will get you killed SHTF or not, so get that blood test you’ve been postponing NOW, not after SHTF. Put that fire extinguisher in your car now, keep one in your kitchen now. Have a kit in your vehicle now because you can still get stranded on the road.

As rare as home invasions are around here, a while back someone broke into a neighbor’s house. His teen daughter was home alone when it happened. She locked herself in the bathroom. She called her father who was abroad at the time. Whomever broke in tried to force the door open, failed, so they took a few things quickly and left. Teach you family how to defend themselves now.

Believe me that when there’s not a drop of water coming out of the faucet, that’s not the time to go fill up that empty “water bob” you were supposed to fill … when SHTF. Have enough water for a week now. Learn to cook with your food stash now. 

Store what you eat, eat what you store so if there’s ever riots, looting, food shortages or if for whatever reason you need to dig into your food supplies there will be no hard learned lesson or adaptation period.

Whatever important change in your life or idea you have on what you would do, do it now. Trust me on this, if you can’t pull it off today, you won’t when things get worse.

Stop thinking in terms of “when SHTF” and thing of how you will act if things make a serious turn for the worse tomorrow, or right this moment. That’s just life and that’s how real SHTF, the kind that change your life in an instant, hit you when you least expect it.

You Don’t Have To Wait For a Crisis To Use This Book.

As a Prepper you automatically are someone who is realistic by nature and as such a person you surely will come to the realization that no matter how big a supply of antibiotics you have stockpiled currently, they will either run out or be compromised in some way. 

That being said, you will need alternative means of treating any infection that may arise. There are several multi use items that can be stockpiled in your home. The cheapest and most effective must be vinegar.

We could never store all the cleaners that we use on a weekly basis in quantities that would be effective for long term disaster or self-sufficiency. Instead, you can dilute and fortify vinegar to become the base of many cleaners. It can polish glass as well as disinfect.

  • Vinegar can be used to affect pests both in your home and in your garden. It can be used to take care of fleas on dogs, catch gnats and it can be added to a spray for your garden. 
  • Without any special gear, tools or even fuel, you can turn fresh food into preserved food with vinegar. Of course, a little sugar and some onion might make it even better, some salt would help. However, just vinegar will pickle foods and extend their life.
  • You can take care of bothersome moss and weeds by spraying them with vinegar. 
  • Got tools and things that have rusted or rusted together? A few soaks in vinegar can deal with that trust. Just be sure to refresh the vinegar after 8, or so hours. 
  • Vinegar can help with sore throat. You can use it with some salt as a great gargle.
  • For a long time, people drank things like balsamic vinegar after dinner as something that would help with digestion. The added acidity can help break down your food.
  • On the culinary side of things, you can use vinegar as a meat marinade that will help break down tougher cuts of meat and impart flavor.
  • If you use our method to make your own vinegar you will have a raw apple cider vinegar that contains healthy probiotics to improve things like gut health.
  • While the most popular base for tincture is alcohol, you can create tinctures for healing and natural remedies with vinegar, as well.


What if I told you this is just one example out of many from a 800+ page book filled with medical, herbal, and traditional treatments in one easy reference? 

Ready to take over, Dr. House? You continuous education is waiting for you here


The information in this book can be used immediately to improve your health, and expand your treatment options in many areas even if there is never a crisis event for you and your loved ones.

Get this book nowAnd put it into practice today.


P.S. – This is NOT a limited edition. Also, we are not here to scare you with stats. Just remember that your time is limited. So don’t waste it. 

Prepping is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present.