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Who Are the Real Terrorists?

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

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Who are the real terrorists and what is terrorism? According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word terrorist (n) in the modern times, since 1944, especially references Jewish tactics against the British in Palestine. Earlier use of the word dates to the extremist revolutionaries of Russia in 1866 as well as the Jacobins during the French Revolution in 1795. The English word terrorist is a derivative of the French word terroriste which ultimately means the tendency of one party’s terrorist to be another party’s guerilla or freedom fighter. The interplay between guerillas or freedom fighters was noted in reference to the British action in Cyprus in 1956 as well as the war in Rhodesia in 1973. The word terrorist was retroactively applied to the Maquis resistance in occupied France in World War II, found in the “Spectator,” Oct. 20, 1979.

Based on the very definition of terrorism, we see that the writers of history interpret that history retrospectively to show the agenda of the leaders of the time. Clearly, the leaders, or the winners of just or unjust wars, are responsible for the recording of mainstream history. The losers, the slaves or those conquered do not generally write or teach history books. Those in power write a history to show their great deeds and propagate their agenda. A quick review of historical events demonstrates how history is interpreted, reinvented and twisted to push agendas, many of them evil. An example is that history books in the USA used to teach that slavery was a gift from God, based on race evolution, Biblically supported and morally correct. Clearly this interpretation of slavery is wrong, historically inaccurate and meant to push the agenda of a certain slave society.

In the Post Modern Age, in the media of the USA, the word terrorism has been twisted to conjure fear which is a tool to steal liberties. Leaders can lead through two major means, love or fear. If they are not beloved, the only choice is to push their agenda and gain power through fear. Movies, the mainstream media news and television shows program viewers to associate terrorism and fear with their false flag event or whatever group they wish to vilify in order to push the agenda which surfaces in-laws designed to steal liberties and usher in tyranny. An example of this script is the well-known false flag 911 which kicked off a series of unjust actions including war and the Patriot Act, signed in October of 2001 which supposedly provides the USA the proper strength and tools to intercept and obstruct terrorism. In the Patriot Act the use of the word Patriot implies that the founding fathers of the USA and the Constitution are upheld and protected by this act. Evil throughout time twists, imitates, devalues and perverts the good in order to achieve evil ends. The Patriot act actually does the opposite of anything Patriotic. The Patriot act should be called the Tyranny Act because it allows, in the name of the feared terrorism, anything the Federal Government plans to do, like spying, disappearing, imprisoning, executing, silencing and denying of every human right.

Of course, the catch is to make sure that the audience, the students, the so-called sheeple, believe the lies. The words have to be accepted in their twisted form to take on the new meaning and push the agenda. For example, consider the following six secret usurping of words and meaning, the purposeful twisting of good things into bad:

1. It’s a secret that the Patriot Act is really the Tyranny Act. The government officials ALWAYS defend the Constitution and are NEVER corrupt.

2. It’s a secret that the abusive spouse is abusive. Instead let us all believe that really his domestic violence is loving. Just interview any abusive man or any victim of domestic abuse and its very clear that the abuser is justified and loving while the victim is insane and delusional. Never mind that domestic violence effects at least 1 in 3 households in the USA. The loving answer no matter what is to ignore domestic abuse and focus on taking children away from those horrid people who smoked pot. The government loves the children.

3. It’s a secret that many victims of war are innocent. Let us believe that the wars are just because wars are NEVER about money or power they always about justice. The government only cares about human rights and will sacrifice anything to ensure constitutional liberties for all people everywhere.

4. It’s a secret that the government is poisoning the food, water, air supply and pushing toxic vaccines. The government always loves you and protects you. Democide, Agenda 21, eugenics, genocide and infanticide do not exist in the civilized world. Conspiracy theories! Don’t become a tin hat wearing laughable, insane person.

5. It’s a secret that people kill their babies. After all, the baby isn’t a real person because the definition of person is most likely some full-grown adult. All that matters are the rights of the mother because those rights are loving. The government would never support killing people, just the young ones who are not people. Maybe even up until age three this practice is acceptable; after all China does it.

6. It’s a secret that the public education system is purposefully retarding intellects. The government loves the children. These secrets could never be exposed by the dumbed down sheeple, RIGHT? Our only option is to accept the lies, RIGHT?

The sad part is that those six examples are only a small slice of the history being taught, redefined and twisted by the true terrorists. Terrorism is not loving. We should judge people according to their deeds, not their words. When people who act in evil ways their words are meaningless. We stand at a dangerous precipice in our history as a terrorist script is flipping to innocents to usher in a final stage of tyranny that is worse than ever before. The new terrorists in the history books are: Christians of all variety, veterans, patriots, truthers, lovers of justice, whistle-blowers, Oath Keepers, preppers, pro-life advocates, those who are awake to the lies, people with high IQs, people who understand history, mainstream Muslims, Tea Party people, listeners of Ron Paul or Alex Jones, mainstream Jews, Caucasian people, Hispanic people whom they say are white, families, babies, children and any other group that is innocent, well-meaning and awake. In order to be labeled a terrorist all someone has to do is own a phone, send an email, have more than 7 days worth of food in their homes, take a photo or pose a question. Technology is enabling a new era of terrorism by the true terrorists who exploit the innocents.

Compare those six secrets listed above to Proverbs 6:16-19, “6 There are six things that the lord hates, seven that he abhors:17 a haughty look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,18 a heart that weaves wicked plots, feet that hurry to do evil,19 a false witness who lies with every breath, and one who sows dissension among brothers.”

I suggest that this quote from Proverbs is the true eternal wisdom that exposes terrorism and tyranny. Who are the real terrorists? The terrorist is the one who does those six things listed in Proverbs 6:16-19. Do not let the history writers, the mainstream media pushers define terrorism to provoke fear and control. Do not get hooked into the lies. The greatest trick of the Devil is to hook people with lies which parade as fake beauty and fake good. The only way the Devil has power is when people believe his lies.


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