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How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

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Editor’s Note: Today’s article is courtesy of Alex Ramsey. 

The best way to increase your chances of surviving a venomous snake bite is to have a contingency plan in place. Remember, that your end goal should be to receive anti-venom because without a dose of anti-venom you have almost zero chances of surviving a poisonous snake bite. Today we discuss steps you can take to act quickly to survive a venomous snake bite. As a bonus, at the end of this article you’ll also learn how to get rid of Copperhead Snakes.

Call emergency services immediately

Don’t make the mistake of trying to drive yourself to a hospital or waiting to see whether or not you’ll display any symptoms of being poisoned. If you plan to survive a snake bite and live to tell the tale, time is of the essence. Instead, call 911 as soon as you’ve been bitten.

Better yet, if you’re with a family member or friend, direct them to call emergency services right away. Ideally, have your companion stay on the line with emergency services as they may be able to give your friend instructions on how to best look after you. If your symptoms worsen, while your companion is on the phone, emergency services may choose to send a helicopter to transport you to the nearest hospital, which will have anti-venom in stock.

Describe The snake that bit you

An accurate description of the snake that bit you will help emergency services locate the appropriate type of anti venom.

Make sure that either you or your companion gives emergency services an accurate description of the snake that bit you. That way, emergency services will be able to ascertain what type of snake bit you and will be able to select the appropriate type of anti venom.

If possible, disclose how long the snake was, how thick the snake’s body was, the color of the snake and whether or not the snake had round eyes or slit style eyes. If a snake has a triangle-shaped head beware as venomous snakes often have triangular heads. If the offending snake is still around, try to get your companion, if you have on to take a photo of the snake which bit you. Either that or kill it and there will be no question of the species.

If you live in an area that is frequented by snakes, it’s well worth learning how to identify the different types of poisonous snakes in your area. That way, if you’re ever bitten by a venomous snake, you’ll have a far better chance of correctly identifying the offending snake.

Stay as still as possible

Did you know that the faster you move, the faster the snake’s venom will be absorbed by your body and the faster the venom will affect your body? That’s why if you’re in an area with phone coverage, it’s far wiser to get emergency services to rescue you, rather than attempting to walk back to your car.

Leave your snake bite alone

Some research suggests that an ice pack will reduce your body’s circulation and will decrease the spread of venom, throughout your body.

While you may be tempted to suck the venom out of your leg or cut your wound open, in order to try to remove as much venom as you can, doing so will only worsen your condition. Also avoiding crafting a tourniquet as a tourniquet will only speed up the symptoms of your snake bite.

However, if you have an ice pack handy, it is a good idea to hold the ice pack against your bite. As some research suggests that cold from an ice pack will reduce your body’s circulation and will decrease the spread of venom throughout your body. Remember that you’ll significantly increase your chances of survival by keeping calm and waiting for emergency services to reach you.

What if you’re unsure of whether you’ve been bitten by a venomous snake or not? If you can’t tell the difference between a venomous snake and a non venomous snake it’s still wisest to call emergency services. As emergency services should be able to ascertain whether or not the snake that bit you is venomous.

Remember that you’ve got nothing to lose by contacting emergency services but if you fail to make the phone call, it could cost you your life.

How To Get Rid Of Copperhead Snakes

If you live in an area that is rife with dangerous Copperhead snakes, simply continue reading to discover how to prevent snakes from exploring your property, as well as how to safely remove any Copperhead snakes that have already invaded your property.

Make sure your property isn’t attractive to Copperheads

Make sure that your lawn is cut short and that there is no garbage in your yard. Copperhead snakes are known to hide in long grass and are attracted to garbage as it is a possible food source for hungry snakes. It’s also worth cutting down or trimming any bushes that are on your property. As they are also attractive to snakes who are looking for a safe hiding place. Also make sure to seal any possible entry points to your home, to prevent snakes from making their way into your home itself.

Invest in a non-lethal snake trap

By far the safest way to get rid of a Copperhead snake on your own, is to place non lethal snake traps around your property. Such traps are a humane way to catch any snakes which are hiding on your property. Once caught, call your local council to find out how you should dispose of the live snake that you’ve caught.

Alternatively, you may want to call a snake removal specialist to remove of the snake which you’ve caught for you. If you do choose to release a Copperhead on your own, it’s worth driving to a remote area, so that the snake you release won’t make its way to another family’s property.

Call a snake removal specialist

If you don’t want to run the risk of being bitten by a venomous Copperhead, don’t hesitate to call a snake removal specialist. Who has the appropriate skills to safely catch and release a Copperhead. Keep in mind that the sooner you call a specialist, the less likely the snake on your property is likely to breed.

After all the last thing you need is a pregnant Copperhead residing on your property.

About the author: Alex Ramsey – Work hard & live to hunt! Countryman Hunter, Archery, shooter, Freelance outdoor writer and loves the USA. Founder of Thebigdeer.com where he shares his hunting experiences with all. Alex’s site is all about guns, showcases real gear & real reviews to help you become more prepared.


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