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To understand why diseases flourish in a blackout you first have to understand the affects a long-term blackout have on infrastructure. We are most accustomed to short term blackouts and we don’t see the lasting effects very often.

In a long-term scenario, you will have things like water treatment failure, diesel, and other fuel will run out, medical backup generators will fail, having lasting effects on public health. You will also have serious malnutrition because food shipments and commerce will be affected in the region.


Each one of these things will affect the reemergence of diseases that we currently have protections in place for. We have seen many real-life examples of this in our modern world.


Because of the overwhelming failure in managing the homeless population, LA County has seen a reemergence of Typhus in the streets. The public health system does not have an answer for the homeless population so it would seem that this issue will continue.


The Venezuelan health care system is in total disarray thanks to the economic collapse. Along with the massive rolling blackouts in the nation people are suffering from a majority of common healthcare issues but do not have access to basic medicines.


Vulnerable populations in Syrian refugee camps are facing serious measles outbreaks. The measles is a serious disease that is also popping back up in the United States. While we think we have eradicated these diseases, in the right conditions they come raging back.

5 Diseases That Will Flourish in a Long-Term Blackout


One of the first things that will happen is people will get bored because their phones and devices will run out of battery. So few have prepared with backup power to recharge these devices that run our lives.

In their boredom, they will turn to passing time the old ways. There is a reason birth rates skyrocket 9 months after major hurricanes. It’s just what we do. So, with a lack of protection available, the spread of STD’s will be prolific.


Swelling of the large intestine with serious abdominal cramps and diarrhea, dysentery is a third world disease that is brought on by drinking contaminated water. If we see a massive blackout, we are going to face this issue because water treatment will be compromised.

Most people are not storing 6 months’ worth of water or water filters or catching water in barrels. Because of this, they will have to either stand in water lines to receive water from aid stations or they will risk drinking the water from the tap.


This disease is brought on by fleas. When you have populations of people that are not practicing personal hygiene, they bring on these pests. These pests pass on the disease by biting people. Typhus is a serious disease that can be deadly in some cases.

Personal hygiene is something that has to be carried out even when the water system is compromised, and you have run out of things like soap. Do you know how to make soap? It’s a pretty simple process that can make a world of difference when dealing with diseases like Typhus.


At this moment we have robust medical establishments that vaccinate children at birth and in their young age for things like measles. After a long-term blackout, these things will no longer happen. It won’t be long before large groups of people are suffering from measles.

The measles can be deadly and the best way to deal with them, thus far, comes from vaccination at a young age.  Some communities try to build immunity by having exposure parties to get kids together, but this can be very dangerous.


There are fewer than 1000 cases of cholera in the nation today. That is a serious victory. However, with water and food sources being contaminated after a blackout we will see those numbers rise. This disease is very common in countries where there is no access to clean water.

Storing food and collecting water is going to give you an edge over those who have not taken those precautions.

What Precautions Can You Take?

It’s well known that our own power grid is indefensible and that it could be compromised by either terrorist’s attack or hacker. Even a targeted EMP strike could take out large swaths of power to our nation.

Do you know where to start to handle something like this?

Have you any idea how to address needs like water and food through advanced preparations?

There are lots of resources out there, but The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is a standout resource that can be placed on a shelf in your home. It is not data that can be compromised in the blackout.

If you’re wondering what will you do when there are no doctors or medicine, this 800+ page encyclopedia has it all.


Living in a first-world nation it’s easy to take much of the daily processes for granted. It’s easy to take supply chain and tap water for granted. It’s hard for us to understand the types of things that are happening in places like Venezuela and Syria.

At this moment we have greater access to knowledge and resources than ever before. We are literally capable of buying things and having them at our door in a matter of hours. That means there are no excuses for not preparing for an eventual disaster.

Spend some time thinking about how you could best address the things like personal hygiene, water, and food in a serious disaster. Get ahead of the game today while it’s cheap and easy. Don’t wait till something goes wrong and you and your family are forced to scramble.

Click here to read more about The Doomsday Book Of Medicine.

To understand why diseases flourish in a blackout you first have to understand the affects a long-term blackout have on infrastructure. We are most accustomed to short term blackouts and

How do you like having POWER?

Electric power. The one we all have access to.

Most people in the US aren’t ready for life without electricity and what it really means to be without essentials like a functioning toilet or clean running water. Or were you just thnking that your Netflix account will be the only thing affected by this?

Those living off the grid are living proof it is possible that you can live without electricity, it just takes a few adjustments.

Now, you don’t have to leave town to prove you have hero material. Not without the proper knowledge to do so. Ready for a quick question? Try to be honest. With yourself. I’m not really there with you.

How long do you think would it take for commerce, food supply, and societal order to collapse?

This is not my way of ruining your day. This is also no fear mongering. This is just a very interesting and possible scenario since it shows how fragile modern society is. Without a single resource the infrastructure falls to pieces. Electricity is the lifeblood of modern civilization. Without it, your cars, TV’s, phones, and radios can’t work. And just as your house would be suddenly quiet, so will the city be. And the shops. And the doctor’s office. And yes, you name it. It’s not even an exercise of imagination. It’s simple math.

We all know America’s electrical grid is our Achilles heel.

The good news? It serves us all.

The bad news? If it goes down, we all do.

Not convinced you can only count on yourself if there were no more electricity?

Let’s see the aftermath of a grid down scenario for the first week. It should be enough for you to realize you need all the help you can get.

Here we go.

  • Anything with a transistor would be fried.
  • The power and telecommunications infrastructure would completely be compromised.
  • The general public would be confused at first, but some would realize what happened right away and start looting and stockpiling supplies.
  • Urban areas would completely break down.
  • The suburbs would be spared for as much as a week in certain places before disorder came there too.
  • Agricultural areas would fair the best as they are fairly self sufficient, chances are they would be fine or at least better off than the rest of the country.
  • the death toll would rise significantly due to starvation, violence, and disease.
  • Urban areas would become split up between factions and gangs bent on controlling the last resources in the city.
  • The suburbs would most likely form into small groups focused primarily on resource gathering.
  • Agricultural areas would probably focus on deals between starving survivors and their selling their own food crops to affected areas.
  • Depending on the scenario, after a month foreign military intervention would come from Mexico and possibly Canada.
  • Cities like Los Angeles and Houston could fall under military occupation as the US military would be unable to do anything.
  • Canada would most likely occupy Washington and New England.
  • Most urban areas would be destroyed and unlivable.
  • The people from the suburbs depending on where they live, might attempt to emigrate to Canada or Mexico.
  • People in the agricultural areas may do the same.
  • Attempts would be made to restore parts of the electrical grid, these efforts could be made by foreign powers or citizens.
  • If they are successful, agricultural areas as well as some suburban areas would be serviced again.
  • The process would take many years though.

It’s pretty clear. But where to start preparing for such an event?

In order to survive tomorrow, we need to prepare today! Get this book now.

Everywhere you go on the internet you are bombarded with endless videos and boring presentations that do not reveal anything worthy in the end.

Welcome to my world, before i finally found what I was looking for. What if I just want a good book that will teach me how be self-sufficient? Is that too much to ask? Isn’t it weird that we are surrounded by so much informations and still, it’s becoming harder and harder to spot the real valuable ones?

Anyone facing a ton of incorrect or incomplete information about prepping OR sick and tired to watch another 45 min video about “The End Of The World” just to buy a worthless product? You NEED to pay close attention to this.

Because this Prepper’s Ark of a book will allow you to never search for another book on how to able to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to keep your family alive.

Not if you’re armed with what you’re about to learn:

  • There’s no doomsdayism here.
  • The key to leading a healthy and disease-free life
  • What to do you do when there are no doctors or medicine
  • Master the forgotten practice called “healthy nutrition,”
  • Everything you need to know to grow your own nutritious food,
  • The essentials of survival nutrition and gardening
  • How to build good soil and how that in turn leads to healthy plants that will nourish you and your family, keeping you robustly healthy and impervious to infections and chronic diseases.
  • All about vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and trace elements and why they are so essential to maintaining good health.

And this is just the first part of this book.

If you wish to finally get complete information on what to expect and to do when emergency medical system will be overwhelmed during a disaster, give this book your whole attention.  The EMTs are unable to reach patients stranded in remote or extremely hazardous locations. There is never enough medicine to treat all cases, lack of manpower, loss of electricity…

Are you willing to stay at the mercy of someone else, even if it is the establishment itself, when your life and your family’s life is at stake? I wasn’t. And I have a hunch no one is.

Study this book like it’s the bible and start using it to slowly replace your prescription pills with natural remedies tested by a doctor who wanted to save lives, not Big Pharma.

Check the facts. For example, a study published by Mayo Clinic a few years back reveals that 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. The same study shows that 20% of Americans are on five or more medications.

What will all these people do when there will be no more medical supplies? Because you cannot stockpile prescription drugs. The system won’t allow it. So? What then? You really need to learn and adopt a natural alternative to your drugs. And guess what? It will be way, way, way cheaper.

What’s keeping you?

Your book is HERE!

Use The Doomsday Book Of Medicine as a tool to replace current drugs and you'll end up saving a lot more..

These are two resources I came across on the web today.

The Basics of Wound Care is a booklet that you can download that goes into pretty graphic detail about identifying and treating a wide variety of wounds. If pictures of really nasty wounds cause you to get sick, you better just download this one and let somebody else read it.

Another really great book is Practical Plastic Surgery for Non-surgeons and at first I thought to myself, who is going to be augmenting breasts (yes, that is covered in the book) after the SHTF? Which in retrospect could be a barter-able skill… I am kidding.

The book does go into a lot of great information for treating wounds and injuries and is broken into chapters. If you don’t get the entire book, you can just download the individual chapters that seem most appropriate to you. I would recommend, Suturing, Basic Surgery, Gunshot Wounds and Burns.

To download the entire Plastic Surgery for Non-Surgeons book, click here.

But you can also download an individual chapter.

Let me know if you found this interesting or just a waste of time. But then, who doesn’t like some free knowledge. Just let me know what you think about the quality of information shared for free in these two books.

Hello, my name is Dr. Ralph La Guardia, I am a physician, an internist and I am also board certified in both geriatrics and bariatrics.

However, my true passion is integrative medicine, which is the combination of traditional and alternative medicine. I have taken the best treatments of both disciplines to develop a highly effective method of treating medical problems of all types. 

I am also a prepper and I have written the most complete medical guide ever written called

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine

My reason for writing this book was to fill the gap in the disaster literature for medical treatment. I read all the books on survival medicine and I am here to tell you, they are all rip offs. They are nothing more than first aid manuals, often written by authors with absolutely no medical training. I am sure their intentions were good, but the results were horrific.

These so-called medical guides were full of worthless advice like this: if you are bitten by a snake, call poison control. They tell you to stockpile your medications, try to tell your insurance company that you need a year’s worth of your diabetes or blood pressure meds, and let me know how that goes for you.

I have been in private practice for over thirty years. During that time, I read countless books and thousands of articles in obscure medical journals, looking for alternative cures. I tested what works and what doesn’t and will teach you all of it, for every medical problem from head to toe, everything from fevers to diabetes to pneumonia to snake bites.

Get this book now and begin to learn such secrets as

– What is 8 times more effective at preventing the flu than a flu vaccine?

– The antioxidant that is 6,000 x more powerful than vitamin c.

– The amino acid that not only treats anxiety and depression but also helps alleviate alcohol and drug craving.

– The common weed that is not only the perfect food but also can be used to make biofuel for your vehicles, after gasoline is no longer available.

– The common cleaning product that will not only cure your arthritis but also make your bones so rock hard that surgeons have difficulty cutting thru them.

There has never been a book like this, so easy to read and so jam packed full of life saving medical information that cannot be found anywhere else.

I give you practical advice “from the trenches” that you can find nowhere else.

For each problem, I teach you what it is, and more importantly I give you scores of ways to treat each problem without prescription pharmaceuticals, often with everyday items already in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

You can prepare for a crisis in endless ways, stockpiling food, guns and ammo and finding a secure “bugout” place that you can make impregnable, but what are you going to do if you or one of your loved ones get sick, really sick, life threatening sick … then what?

You won’t know how to diagnose what is going on, and more importantly you won’t have any idea how to treat it. You will sit there hopeless as your loved ones succumb to an illness or an injury and be totally helpless.

What are you going to do when your meds run out? How are you going to stop your child’s burning fever? How are you going to help a loved one with a severe burn, or a broken bone, or a snake bite? What are you going to do when they are coughing and cannot stop, is it flu or pneumonia? And you have no antibiotics left.

I was sick of people with good intentions getting ripped off by worthless medical guides, so I decided to do something about it and I wrote The Doomsday Book of Medicine; over 800 pages jammed full of medical information written in an easy to read format that requires absolutely no medical knowledge.

I teach you how to both diagnose and treat any medical problem you are going to encounter. And more importantly, I give you many ways to treat it. I also teach you how to make your own medical chest that you can stock with over the counter nonprescription items, so you too can treat any medical problem that you or your loved ones may find themselves in.

You don’t have to wait for a crisis to use this book

Most of my readers use it in their everyday lives to treat any medical problems that might occur. It is their “go to book” saving them time and money on costly doctor visits. Not only is this book the most complete medical guide ever written for non-medical people, it is also a manual that you can use to keep your body vigorously healthy and disease free.

I’ll teach you how to grow nutrient dense foods that will nourish your mind and body. You will learn the secrets of the soil that will make your body impregnable to disease. You will learn essential health practices, the right way to take vitamins, and why they currently aren’t working for you. You will learn the essential tools for treating most diseases you are likely to encounter.

No other book on the market today will teach you all of this as well as how to make your own wound care solutions, saline solutions, eye irrigant, natural insect repellent, sunscreen, fecal transplant solution, hydrating fluids and even toothpaste.

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is jammed packed with over 800 pages of medical secrets that you can find nowhere else. It took me over 30 years in private practice, and endless research to find all of these cures, and now for the first time they are all presented in one easy to read format.

The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is your answer to the vital question: what are you going to do when there are no doctors or medicine available?

Other Self-sufficiency and Preparedness solutions recommended for you:

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The Patriot Privacy Kit (Secure your privacy in just 10 simple steps)

I was sick of people with good intentions getting ripped off by worthless medical guides, so I decided to do something about it and I wrote The Doomsday Book of

The modern medical system is built on “just in time” shipping methods. The ability to get meds, resources and people where they need to be in 24-48 hours is the main reason, we have blooming populations of human beings on this planet.

We have had glimpses of what it would look like to lose our trucking fleet because of disaster. Even a moderate natural disaster can make roads impassable for days on end. Imagine what a nationwide collapse would do to trucking and shipping of medicines.

You know someone, right now, who would find themselves on deaths door without medications for 72 hours. We all know at least one person. Whether that be something like insulin, dialysis or even a simple blood pressure medication.  

Grid Down Medicine Shortage

In something like a grid down collapse, brought on by terrorists attacking our power grid, the disruptions would be cataclysmic and in a matter of days you would find yourself looking for medicine, food and likely water. Medicine and food would be affected by the lack of shipping. As store shelves go dry there would be no more shipments to refill them. The water system and water processing facilities would also be offline without electricity.

You might have access to water, but you might not want to risk drinking it for fear of serious contamination. A simple infection from a waterborne pathogen could result in death without access to a doctors or modern antibiotics.

Disease and Death Will Return

Everything changes and without preparations you and your loved ones will be at extreme risk. Without our modern shipping and medical system, people will get sick and die on a regular basis. Things like the flu and other viruses will kill people, when they used to be cured by a quick trip to the doctors.

Doctors will be gone.

We have seen similar situations like this play out in warzones all over the world. In Syria, today, people are facing these situations as the embattled nation has been reduced to near rubble. This from Doctorsoftheworld.org:

According to the U.N., one-third of Syrian hospitals have been shuttered since the conflict began and a staggering two-thirds of medical personnel have either fled or been unable to continue working. The repercussions of this breakdown on the health of the population are impossible to overestimate, and cannot be dealt with effectively until safe access for medical and public health personnel can be assured.

Medical Prepping is Essential

While things like food, water and security through firearms often take the highest tiers in prepping, its clear medical prepping deserves its day in the sun. Its hard to understand how preppers can put such an emphasis on high powered rifles for gunfights but not consider the aftermath of a gunfight. Things like trauma kits and tourniquets are how people will keep from bleeding to death in these scenarios.

Of course, we are not even talking about post combat infections


Top Medical Prepping Mistakes to Avoid

With food storage you can put up calories and as long as your family likes the food you are storing you will have some answers for hunger. With medical preps its very different. There are particular things that need to be stored and many of them you have NEVER used before!


Without the right training and resources to turn to, you will never know the full extent of what you might need in a collapse of the medical system. Retailers offer us very basic first aid solutions that address limited situations.

Here are some of the most common medical prepping mistakes to avoid.

  • Depending on a store bought first aid kit
  • Stockpiling medications, you don’t know how to dose safely
  • Not training skills to compliment your medical preps
  • Assuming there is someone out there who can help you
  • Not training family, as well (who will treat you?)

These mistakes are very common and mostly come from a place of ignorance. With so much information out there its hard to know where to look and what to learn first. When it comes to medical prepping its much easier to have a manual to turn to.

The breadth of knowledge is so vast its nearly impossible to commit much of it to memory. Having a reliable resource that you can turn to in these times of collapse and disaster will make all the difference.



More and more people are realizing that our society and our civility are hardly as stable as we once thought. The foundations are cracked and in many places on our planet, full scale collapse has already taken hold.

You need only look to Syria and Venezuela to see the most news worthy cases of this. They are just the beginning.

Whether it come from despotic governments, mother nature, the heavens or something we haven’t considered, we will be tested, and this age of excess will come to an end.

In that time, you are going to want to have a resource at your side. You are going to want a manual for preparing for these dark times. The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is our answer to those looking for such a resource.

This is not a fly by night 20-page eBook on prepping. The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is a 800+ page guide to preparing for disaster and addressing situations during a collapse or a simple blackout. Having a tangible resource that you can hold, feel and use on demand is going to make all the difference in the future.

We all feel vulnerable and limited by budgets and commitments. Preparing for disaster seems like an impossible task but the right resources can help. Now is the time to move prepping to the forefront.

The darkness is coming, and it will take each of us to shine a little light if we are going to survive it.

In something like a grid down collapse, or a simple local blackout, the disruptions would be cataclysmic and in a matter of days you would find yourself looking for medicine,

The world around us has increasingly become one of pills and of potions. We have highly regulated pharmaceutical practices that require nearly 1 billion dollars to bring a new medicine to market. That is an astounding amount of money for healing.

The efficacy of these drugs, medicines, antibiotics and narcotics have done a lot of good and a lot of harm. Somehow, we began living a life that was wholly dependent on these man-made drugs. There was no thought given to how we survived for so many thousands of years.

Now, its obvious that the explosion of healthy populations across the planet is largely due to food production and medical advancements. Still, we don’t need to turn to powerful over the counter medicines for everything.

Boosting Immunity Naturally

There are many naturally occurring plants and foods that will boost immunity just by consuming them. These are the remedies used we have used for a long time to stay healthy.

We didn’t always have pain medicine or fever reducer, but we learned that willow bark could affect these things.

Most of the illness we deal with today has to do with a compromised immune system. We don’t eat enough high-quality foods to boost our immune system and we eat too many processed foods that hurt our immunity.

Some of these immune boosters stand out above others and we are going to look at 7 of these powerful natural immune boosters. There are 7 of these that have made our natural immune boosting Hall of Fame!

Natural Immune Booster Hall of Fame


  • Crystalized Vitamin C

For a long time, people have been seeking out Vitamin C. Whether through the orange juice or the vitamins, people want plenty of Vitamin C in their diet.

Where many people fall short in their quest to maximize Vitamin C and immunity is that they depend on pill form Vitamin C. You cannot maximize your immunity this way. The best answer is the use of crystalized vitamin C. This dissolvable vitamin C is going to penetrate your body and you can dose much higher.

You want about 1000mg of vitamin C or one flat teaspoon per day. This is the king of natural immune boosters.


  • Pine Needle Tea

If you are looking to source powerful immune boosting Vitamin C in the wild you can make a hot cup of pine needle tea. What most people don’t know about pine needle tea is that each cup of pine needle tea has about 350mg of Vitamin C.

There may be no better answer for simple immune boosting properties in a survival situation or when you are out in the wild.


  • Echinacea

Also known as cone flower, this plant can be grown in backyards all cross the nation. Not only is it an immune booster it is also a beautiful flower. The flower and stems can be used to make a simple immune boosting tea.

This flower can also be dried and stored to have the properties and the tea for later use.


  • Ginger

There is something about the taste of ginger, it just feels like its good for you! Ginger has been shown to activate T Cells which will fight off viruses. Ginger is a powerful healer that is a necessity when it comes to boosting immunity.


  • Garlic

Another biting root, like ginger, garlic is a powerful and offers up many properties that protect you against viral and fungal infections. Garlic can be used topically as well as internally. It’s a powerful little root.

It’s an ancient healer that has been used for millennia.


  • Elderberry

The powerful active ingredient in Elderberry, regarding immunity, are flavonoids. These have been shown to help with things like inflammation and immunity.

One of the most popular natural remedies for the fighting flu symptoms is elderberry syrup. Its been shown that if you start taking this syrup at the earliest sign of flu like symptoms it can substantially decrease the effects of the flu.


  • Probiotics

We have learned that gut health has so much to do with immunity and overall health. The best way to nurture that gut bacteria is to put the right things in there. Stay away from processed foods and add some fermented foods to your diet.

These contain the helpful probiotics, and this makes a huge difference in how your body operates.


Integrating These into Your Life

Its one thing to know about these powerful healers but its another thing to put them into practice in your daily life. This requires that you change your lifestyle. You might want to take on a lifestyle that is more focused on preparedness and holistic, simple, purposeful living.

While preppers have been looked at through a strange lens in the past its clear that there is a lot more to it than just putting up food and ammunition. If you want to know more about natural immunity and healing remedies check out The Doomsday Book Of Medicine which is a comprehensive guide to preparedness in the modern age.  Why would you need such a guide with all the technology and meds around? Follow this link and read about how a simple blackout can disrupt all of our lives. Especially of those who need and seek treatment everyday. 

If you are looking to integrate natural remedies and healing into your lifestyle, this might be the answer for you. And having a great resource on your side can make all the difference. 


Are there other immune boosters on the market and in the wild? Sure. These 7 are the very best. If we had to mention one more it would be the fragrant oregano plant. It has powerful antibacterial properties.

This hall of fame selection can have a positive affect on your daily life, and you can also combine some of these in order to create powerful healers to call upon when you are sick or just as supplementation daily.

Your health does not have to exist in pill form.

If you are looking to integrate natural remedies and healing into your lifestyle, this might be the answer for you. And having a great resource on your side can make

There are many signs and symptoms of serious disaster. Natural or manmade disasters that affect large populations come together in many of the same ways.

We need only look at places like Syria and Venezuela to see the signs and symptoms. These nations are nearly on opposite sides of the world, but they are experiencing some very similar collapse symptoms.

One of the most alarming of all is when the doctors and nurses disappear. The medical establishment of an area takes huge hits the moment resources cannot be shipped in any longer.

What sort of position would you be in if the medical centers in your area began to implode?

Do you have any background in first aid or medical training?

Many of us do not and we need a serious resource to be there for us when everything else is gone. There is one prepper medical resource that is truly the master class. It’s called The Doomsday Book of Medicine.

Its 800+ pages of prevention, detection, natural remedies, nutrition and true medical response to a long list of injuries and ailments!

The Basics You Need to Know

The Doomsday Book of Medicine is separated into 5 sections. Each section is made up of several chapters and each chapter has a clear table of contents. The information density is such that it requires this kind of organization.

Navigating sections is also a breeze because of this layout.

The Basics You Need to Know is also the title of section one and offers up the most comprehensive look at preventative medicine that you are going to find in a volume of this type. This section focuses on the core elements that modern practitioners are just catching up with today.

You are going to see a focus on personal hygiene, nutrition, healthy foods from healthy soil and even eating fermented foods for gut health.

Some Essential Tools

This book hooked me in Section 2. When you read a title like essential tools you are expecting to see some OTC meds and things of that nature. You are going to find healing profiles on things like baking soda, honey, a variety of herbs, wood ash and activated charcoal, to name a few.

Doctor La Guardia explores health from a holistic point of view rather than the traditional “burn, cut and poison” methodology that many doctors are mocked for these days.

This section offers up real-life solutions for the average person. That’s where the power lies.

What’s Your Problem?

The third section of this book makes up half of its content and is a full discourse on various injuries and ailment stools and how to deal with them. You are often given several methods for dealing with a single ailment. You have options and that is important in austere environments.

Entire chapters on The Eye and The Ear put an emphasis on things that can happen to these body parts and how they would be drastically affected in a survival situation.

You also get great chapters on things like diabetes and wound care and hypertension.

Odds and Ends

Section 4 is a three chapter breakdown on a variety of medical supplies that people will want to have in a long term disaster. There is also a great conversation about Ebola and dealing with the frightening virus.

Section 4 also features an entire chapter on the importance and methods of sterilisation which is critical when you are living in a world that might be devoid of common antibiotics and full of ways to garner infection.

Your Survival Medicine Chest  

This incredible section is more of an appendix and a checklist than a chapter. Don’t let that fool you. It’s a well thought out and alphabetical breakdown of what you should include in your own survival medicine chest.

In this list you will find everything from tools to OTC meds and beyond. The list spans everything from A – Z and has an inclusion for each. If you are truly interested in building an effective medical supply this chapter is worth the whole price of the book!

The choice to store or not store certain items is completely up to you but you should review them all. These are not recommendations made by doomsday bloggers. Dr. La Guardia has taken his training and practice into account, as well as his own personal health, to create this list of items.


The Doomsday Book of Medicine is a massive resource that should be the cornerstone of your medical preparedness. It deserves a home in the library of anyone who has a mind for preparedness and wants to do more than cower in a disaster.

There are hidden gems all throughout this book. Here is a short list of what else hides within these 800+ pages.

  • Learn what is 8 times more affective at preventing flu than the flu vaccine
  • The Antioxidant that is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C
  • Learn about the amino acid that not only treats anxiety and depression but also eliminates cravings for drugs and alcohol.
  • The weed that is not only the perfect food for your body, but also can be used to produce biofuel for your vehicles
  • The common cleaning product that will not only control your arthritis but will also make your bones rock hard

In every serious disaster there are a few things that happen. Supply chain is disrupted, and medical supplies start to disappear. What will you do when the doctors are no longer around and someone in your home has an injury or illness?

Are you prepared to be the family physician?

With 800+ pages of medical information and your survival medicine chest, you will feel well more confident at what must be done.


Are you prepared to be the family physician?With 800+ pages of medical information and your survival medicine chest, you will feel well more confident at what must be done.

In modern times we have become accustomed to medication and healing being only a phone call away. It wasn’t that long ago that we were much more vulnerable to disease. In 1800 43% of children died before their 5th birthday. Its a staggering stat.

This should act as a reminder that without modern medicine the elderly and the young suffer and die on a regular basis. The young and healthy are also subject to the same fate. We have seen modern medicine come to a screeching halt after major hurricanes and other powerful natural disasters.

Of course, these are temporary issues but imagine a world where the medicine runs out, the doctors leave, and you are left to fend for yourself. Could you become the physician and healer in your own family?

Medical Preparedness

Our powerful and effective pharmaceutical and medical industries have extended lifespan and created incredible advancements. However, that power is something of a double-edged sword. Its has also created dependency.

Most Americans have a box of band aids and some OTC medicines in their cabinets. That is the extent of medical preparations. This can be a big problem if we see a time of long-term calamity. Most people think about empty shelves and they get hungry.

Food isn’t the only thing that will go away. All medications, bandages, ointments and other first aid related materials will be gone, as well. Everything must be shipped into your community by trucks and if those roads are obstructed or trucks left inoperable you will literally have to get by with what you have on hand right now.

Can you imagine cutting yourself and worrying about dying from infection?

This will be the situation in a world where waste management is offline, and plumbing is compromised. To be blunt there will be trash and feces in the streets! Next come the pests and they bring disease and viruses.

You need a serious stockpile of medical and first aid preps to assure you are ready for the worst-case scenario.

Natural Healing

You can also leverage the world of natural healing to help with the trials of serious disaster.

Medicinal Herbs

Many plants have powerful healing benefits. Therefore, many preppers dedicate large spaces in their garden to growing herbs. Many herbs have culinary and medicinal uses. Things like oregano have powerful antibacterial properties.

Essential Oils

By taking many of these powerful herbs and pulling the essence out of those herbs and plants you get powerful medicines that can be used and blended in all sorts of ways. Essential oils are a tough thing to recreate but a small stockpile can address everything from allergies to wound healing and even boost immunity.


The secret of the survival world are the trees. Trees are an incredible resource, but they take some time to learn. Some trees are even painkillers and fever reducers! The best part about these trees is that they are around for all four seasons. That is big!

While gardens die off and wild plants get buried by snow, trees carry on. You can drink the immune boosting pine needle tea 365 days a year and get those benefits.

Learning about the healing powers of trees is essential.

Medical Library

Having the right books on hand to create a medical library can also make a huge difference if the medical system is compromised. Having some high-quality medical resources will give you a tangible resource that you are going to turn to in the worst-case scenario.

If you are looking to get the full preparedness spectrum covered, The Doomsday Book Of Medicine is available now and has one of the most extensive and well researched healthy nutrition system on the market!

You will learn the natural healing methods as well as which medical preps to stockpile.

There are many books out there and the more extensive your library the better.

First Aid Skills

Even with a stockpile of resources and a medical library, practiced skills are what truly makes a difference. Your medical library can teach you about procedures and processes but that can never be a substitute for hands on experience with things like CPR and dealing with real medical emergencies in real time.

Most people don’t go to this level because it takes physical work and dedication. However, we are moving into a time when skills like these are no longer going to be options. State agencies offer up free classes on first aid under the CERT program.

These are 8-hour courses and though they are a time investment, you will come away with some serious skills. Of course, it will be up to you to keep those skills sharp.

Trauma classes are also popping up all over the nation. If you decide to jump into one of these, they often cost money and you must be careful about your instructors. Get to know their background and why they are an instructor.


There is a reason medical doctors are in school for so long. There is a lot to learn! There is a lot of practice to be had and experience to gain. If we face a serious collapse of basic services and critical infrastructure its going to disrupt our medical system and you are going to become the family physician.

What will you do when they look to you for answers? Are you prepared to act, are you informed enough to act?

If not, you should consider resources listed above. You should invest in a sturdy medical library and a stockpile of first aid supplies and OTC medications. You could also check out The Doomsday Book Of Medicine and add that powerful prepping resource to your library, as well.

Surviving a serious disaster is about gaining every advantage you can.


In modern times we have become accustomed to medication and healing being only a phone call away. It wasn’t that long ago that we were much more vulnerable to disease.